Monday, March 04, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: How To Destroy the American Legal System

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 • How To Destroy the American Legal System Victor Davis Hanson
 • ‘Biden’ Versus Trump: Not If, But When and How to Replace Biden Victor Davis Hanson
 • Whoops: Chinese Doctor Who Paid Hunter Biden a Million Dollars for 'Legal Services' Wants Refund Nick Arama
 • Biden knowingly and purposely blew up the border in 2021 — no matter the lies now Rich Lowry
 • One Anti-Israel Protest Group Plans To Throw Wrench In Biden’s Reelection Campaign DC
 • Haley Takes DC Primary, Trump Says She Was 'Just Crowned Queen of the Swamp' Bob Hoge
 • Birdbrains watch Trump own them in court Don Surber
 • Jill Biden Heckled at Arizona Campaign Stop Karen Townsend
 • McConnell’s Retirement Marks The End Of The Disastrous Bush Era Federalist


 • Climate Newspeak: If you think energy policy is on the wrong track, get ready to be accused of a hate crime. Doomberg
 • GM CEO Mary Barra on EVs, Cruise, China, and More Eric J. Savitz
 • Monday's Energy Absurdity: Iconic Aston Martin Refuses to Take the EV Plunge Blackmon

Scandal Central

 • The Fani Willis Scandal Is So Much Bigger Than Trump RS
 • In Georgia And Elsewhere, Officials Sow Distrust In Elections By Dismissing Voters’ Integrity Concerns Federalist
 • 8 Unbelievable Claims From Hunter Biden’s Congressional Deposition Margot Cleveland


 • Judge Holds Herridge in Contempt for Refusing to Reveal Source Ed Morrissey
 • Wannabe Ukrainian Defense Minister Vindman Says Trump Has 'Every Intention' to Destroy Democracy if He's Elected Rick Moran
 • What's With All the Hatred of White Basketball Players? Milt Harris


 • Hungarian PM Orban: The Only Serious Chance For Peace Is A Trump Win Tim Hains
 • Israel to try new ways to deliver aid after deadly stampede JNS
 • Russia likely suffered at least 355,000 casualties in Ukraine war - UK MoD EuroNews


 • Scientists Expose Major Problems With Climate Change Data Alex Newman
 • Is Ford Desperate or Strategic? $250,000 Spent on a Single Tesla Cybertruck Ashmita Maria
 • Skynet 2.0: China plans to bring largest surveillance camera network on Earth to the moon to protect lunar assets SCMP


 • 13 great songs about getting old John Ruberry
 • Let's assume, for discussion, that AI in 2024 is like atomic technology in 1943… Marc Andreessen
 • Sunday Smiles David Strom

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

RE: Ford buying a Cybertruck for $250,000.

From the linked article:

"This tactic of acquiring competitor vehicles for “benchmarking” – essentially taking them apart to study the technology – is not uncommon. General Motors famously purchased a fleet of Chevy Volts back in 2010 to understand their hybrid technology during the early days of electric vehicles."

GM owns Chevy, why would they need to buy them to "understand" their own technology?