Saturday, March 02, 2024

Mandate For Leadership

The Presidential Transition Project 2025

Anyone aspiring to truly help restore America needs to familiarize themselves with Mandate for Leadership.

The idea for Mandate for Leadership originated in 1979 to prepare conservatives for governing.
It provided a blueprint of specific recommendations to reduce government size and scope. Mandate served as a conservative guidebook for the Reagan Administration. 
Reagan implemented nearly half its recommendations in his first year. This led to economic growth, a rebuilt military and renewed American pride. New editions of Mandate were produced every 4 years to prepare incoming administrations. 
The 2016 Mandate guided many Trump Administration policies. 

Trump implemented more Mandate recommendations in his first year than Reagan.

Mandate allows the public to hold presidents accountable on conservative principles. In 1981, Mandate offered solutions after years of malaise under Jimmy Carter.
Today, Biden has brought back an even worse version of Carter, so new conservative solutions are required now

Implementing conservative policies requires appointing aligned personnel throughout government. 


Appointees must rein in agency overreach and be guided by Mandate from Day One. Mandate provides a roadmap, not just status quo efficiency, but to advance conservative principles. Its purpose remains revitalizing the economy, strengthening security, and reducing federal power. 
New editions combat the left's constant erosion of conservative gains. Mandate presents solutions for freedom and prosperity to flourish. 

"Onward!" signals the next conservative mission is just beginning. 

Reagan shared the Mandate vision and communicated its benefits convincingly. The recommendations led to robust growth not matched since. Mandate allows presidents to measure performance against conservative predecessors. It enables public accountability to claimed conservative principles. Appointees must implement the agenda and check departmental overreach. 

Career bureaucrats orient appointees to the status quo by default.

Mandate must guide appointees from Day One to effect real change. It provides a roadmap to advance conservatism, not just efficient status quo. Today Biden has induced Carter-style or worse economic and foreign policy turmoil. A 2025 conservative administration must quickly undo the Biden damage.

Cabinet secretaries and agency heads aligned with the president's vision are essential.

Personnel determine success or failure of the administration's agenda. Appointees have limited time to make real change

Mandate arms new administrations to implement the conservative agenda. "Onward!" signals the perseverance needed to keep advancing conservative principles.
Many of the original authors and contributors to Mandate in 1979 became consequential appointees to the Reagan administration. For those interested in "what can I do?", this is a good place to start.



PaddyO' said...

As long as it includes deporting ALL illegal aliens, dismantling the Deep State and putting our domestic enemies in prison, I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

100% Paddy