Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Bidengate and the Doom Loop

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 • Bidengate and the Doom Loop Victor Davis Hanson
 • The Democrat mutiny machine wants to have their brain dead Biden cake and eat it too Jordan Schachtel
 • Biden Family Enter Negotiation Stage – Letter to Congress Frames Baseline for Exit Price CTH
 • Dems Are Consolidating Absolute Power In The Name Of ‘Democracy’ Brianna Lyman
 • Biden Refuses Meeting with IC Spox – IC Spox Sends Biden a Tweet CTH
 • In It to Spin It Kunstler
 • Rep. Luna: hold Garland in inherent contempt for refusal to hand over Biden-Hur tapes Fox
 • Is Lawfare Against the Left the Only Means to Restore Norms? Fred Lucas
 • The Left’s Freak-Out Over Project 2025 Means ‘We’re Right Over the Target,’ Heritage Chief Tony Kinnett


 • Newsom's California: Delivery Drivers Now Being Accompanied By Armed Guards Due To "Crime Concerns" ZH [Ed: #GhettoGavin]
 • NYC discovers trash bins Don Surber
 • Sanctuary Cities Overwhelmed, Kick Illegal Immigrants Out of Shelters Jason Hopkins

Scandal Central

 • Commission finds Fauci’s COVID pandemic caused $18 trillion in economic damage to US FoxBiz
 • White House Still Lying About Parkinson's Expert Visits Jazz Shaw
 • Report: New York City Hotels Housing Illegal Aliens Receive Over $1 Billion in Taxpayer Funds Eric Lendrum


 • In plagiarizing my story, “New York Times” breached every journalistic and ethical standard Alex Berenson
 • State Dept. Cutout Highlights Need to Replace Biden - Worried About Losing Ukraine Money CTH
 • “A Death Squad Ruling”: Press, Pundits Make Insane Claims in Wake of the Court’s Immunity Decision Turley


 • American Weakness: China sets stage for violent crackdown: ‘Taiwan is a rebel regime’ Joel Gehrke
 • France Just Committed Suicide Stephen Green
 • Sweden Is Safer in the Summertime, But No One Wants to Face the Reason Why Robert Spencer
 • Panicking French elite bombard wealth managers with enquiries about relocating to Italy, Switzerland Daily Mail
 • French hard-right leader Marine Le Pen faces fraud probe for 'illegal financing' Daily Mail
 • The Ukraine-Israel foreign-policy fairy tale JNS


 • Why's LinkedIn Founder and Epstein Client Reid Hoffman Funding Smartmatic Lawsuits? Emerald
 • ‘It’s Going to Be Catastrophic’: Why the Next Pandemic Will Be Worse Than COVID Rob Bluey
 • Doctors Muzzled During COVID Get Green Light to Sue Overlords GWP


 • Bitcoin Must Be Embraced By Both Political Parties Pomp Letter
 • You Racist Quit Hogging All the Trees! Diogenes
 • It's Libturd Tuesday Once Again ~ AM Woodsterman

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