Tuesday, September 09, 2014

10 Cool Facts About the New Apple Watch

10. Apple designed a custom typeface for the Apple Watch, just like Google did for Android

9. The Apple Watch integrates a pressure sensor that can determine when someone changes elevation, runs up a hill, or climbs a flight of stairs

8. Apple uses a "taptic" actuator to actually touch the user, rather than simply vibrate

7. The watch also includes a microphone based upon a microelectromechanical system (MEMS)

6. For exercise buffs, it will track steps, heart rate, mileage, calories and sleep

5. And its GPS system will sync up with an iPhone

4. Users can choose from six swappable bands including a moisture-wicking sports band

3. Apple's "activity" app keeps track of any movement you do throughout the day while the "workout" app tracks the more intense movement of workouts and sports

2. There will be 34 combinations of models and wristbands from which to choose

1. Prices start at $349, but Apple hasn't specified what each model will cost

As for battery life, no one's saying, but it may be a once-a-day-charge kinda beast.

Apple's new watch also includes "Apple Pay" a new mobile payment system, which has some interesting ramifications:

"...Apple Pay is a full mobile payments solution that works with American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Apple has signed up a number of major retailers including Walgreens, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Subway, Staples, McDonald’s, Whole Foods and Apple retail locations. We also note that Apple Pay will be available to conduct secure transactions on mobile websites/apps, which we believe should make mobile commerce significantly more compelling for consumers..." --Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray

"...Apple Pay is backed by the iTunes account card, so Apple is working on top of the traditional credit card infrastructure as we expected. Although financial terms were not disclosed, we don’t expect a substantial new revenue stream as much as differentiation of the ecosystem..." --Steve Milunovich, USB

"...By partnering with the leading merchants across retail, grocery, drugstore, and dining, consumers can use Apple Pay with merchants they shop every day — which will accelerate the growth of mobile payments in the US..." --Denée Carrington, Senior Analyst

Hat tip: BadBlue Tech News


Just a guy said...

But after all that, it'll still only be an Apple.

Jason in KT said...

Every day it looks more and more attractive.