Saturday, September 13, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Obama Bomb

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The Obama Bomb: David Solway
The Immigration Problem: What Are The Health Risks?: Dr. Elaina George
Sotloff and Foley families threatened with prosecution by State Dept.: WZ

Zuckerberg Pushes Amnesty at Billionaire's Event in Mexico: Breitbart
Pelosi Predicts Obama Will Deliver A Holiday Surprise On Immigration: LoneCon
Homeland Security chief drops amnesty bombshell: WND

Holder’s Aide Exposes DOJ’s Conspiratorial Dealings: Sara Noble
Refusing Submission: Mark Tapson
Who’s Behind Push to Give Illegal Aliens Driver’s Licenses-in TX?: Bryan Preston

Harry Reid’s plan to hand America to liberal billionaires: Matthew Continetti
Dem Runs Scared From GOP Challenger, Refuses Live Debate: WFB
Local legislators squash gun-grabbers, override governor’s veto: BPR


Anti-Americanism, Marxism, Pedophilia Now Available in Classrooms: Sara Noble
Mob Rule Economics: Thomas Sowell
Militia Threatens to Block Traffic at International Bridges: KRGV

Scandal Central

Mary Landrieu Illegally Charged Taxpayers For 43 Private Flights: HayRide
Patriots Vow to Fight on for Benghazi Answers: FPM
Three New Lawsuits against Obama Administration for Records Relating to Benghazi Attack: JW

Military source: ISIS hostages dispersed after revelation of Foley rescue mission: Fox
Brendan Tevlin, American Teenager, 1 of 4 Americans Killed In U.S. By Jihadi Killer: WZ
Senate hearing on police militarization reveals DHS is completely out of touch with reality: PrivacySOS


Who Killed The American Family?: Richard A. Viguerie
Liberal Beltway Elitist Bruce Ackerman apparently misses him some George W Bush right now: Moe Lane
Triple-Amputee Veteran’s Scathing 9/11 Open Letter to Obama: MadWorld

Oh, by the way: The GOP suddenly has a lead on the generic ballot — and it’s growing: Hot Air
Sharyl Attkisson nails it on Benghazi: Where was POTUS?: Twitchy
What Is Not Being Said Publicly: Ebola Virus’s Hyper-Evolution is Unprecedented: Mac Slavo


Question for the State Department: Isn’t Obama waging preemptive war in Iraq now?: Hot Air
Israel will fight IS, if group reaches Jordan, Israeli official says: BCF
Palestinian Paper: Obama Has Committed More Crimes Than All White Presidents Combined: GWP

Report: Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) split woman in two with cars, buries non-Muslims alive: Pamela Geller
Connect the dots: Obama met with cleric who supports Hezbollah on 9/11: Allen West
Prosecutors need more time to prepare case against Benghazi suspect: Allen West

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google changes stance on net neutrality four years after Verizon deal: Ars Technica
Why Email Is Worth Saving: Daniel Ingevaldson, Dark Reading
Lakeland Industries Announces Global Availability of Hazmat Suits for Ebola: PR Newswire


To War Or Not To War: MOTUS
I've Always Been Confused When I Heard The Word Service...: Feral Irishman
Can You Legally Make Your Rifle Full Auto?: John Hawkins

Image: Mary Landrieu Illegally Charged Taxpayers For 43 Private Flights
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