Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WHO KNEW? Sharia Law is Compatible with the U.S. Constitution, According to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)

By Sara Noble

Maxine Waters is under the impression that Shariah Law can be implemented while our U.S. Constitution is in effect. Anyone who disagrees is an Islamophobe and a hater according to her.

Last week, the Council of Pakistan Affairs and Islamic Society of Orange County welcomed Maxine Waters to a meeting along with other extremists in Congress like Congresswomen Chu and Sanchez, the California Comptroller et al where she made her comments. They would have been controversial ten years ago but in this PC age, the Constitution is controversial.

Congresswoman Waters accused Republicans of attacking the Islamic faith as a national security threat.

That’s patently untrue. It is not Islamic faith Republicans have a problem with, it is radical Islam but she conveniently left that out.

She said that fear tactics accusing Muslims of trying to spread tenets of Shariah into our government has spurred legislation to ban Shariah.

She attacked Rep. Peter King and other Republicans for his hearings on RADICAL Islam. His hearings concerned radical groups like al-Shabob but Maxine claimed it was Islam.

She said she is pushing legislation to ban any racial profiling.

If the people who are trying to kill you are radical Muslims, should you go into senior citizen complexes or Knights of Columbus halls looking for possible terrorists? Maxine’s view of racial profiling is extreme.

Maxine sees the American Constitution and Shariah as nonconflicting. However, having two sets of laws – Shariah and the U.S. justice system – is in itself a conflict.

Maxine minimized the threat of radical Islam and said the Muslim community is actively working with law enforcement.

The biggest problem with her speech is she thinks Shariah law is consistent with the U.S. Constitution. She equates any anti-Shariah law as hate.

<p>At the end of the video, she quoted Daniel Mach of the ACLU (an organization filled with communists and anti-Christian activists) as saying Shariah equals Islam and Muslims and a vote against one is a vote against another. Mach also said that anti-Sharia laws are “motivated by anti-Muslim bigotry, plain and simple.”

In other words, don’t offer any dissent or try to keep our rule of law in tact or you are a bigot.

It’s easy to dismiss anything related to Muslims as bigotry but when they insist, for example, that our free speech laws be amended, they give lie to their protestations that Shariah is congruent with the U.S. Constitution.

Huffington Post and other liberal media outlets insist that Shariah does comply with the American constitution.

According to HuffPo, Shariah does not promote any specific form of government; Muslims don’t want to rule America; the Qur’an goes as far as to oblige Muslims to fight on behalf of Jews; Christians and people of other faiths and to protect their churches, synagogues and temples from attack; and the most “Muslim country” in the world is likely America, because America guarantees freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of thought–all hallmarks of Shariah Law.

Experience might tell us something different.

While other legal codes deal primarily with public behavior, Sharia law covers public behavior, private behavior and private beliefs. Of all legal systems in the world today, Islam’s Shariah law is the most intrusive and the strictest, especially against women.

Their definition of free speech includes strict requirements about not offending others.

Shariah does not accept separation of church and state.

Shariah Law controls, rules and regulates all public and private behavior. It has regulations for personal hygiene, diet, sexual conduct, and elements of child rearing. It also prescribes specific rules for prayers, fasting, giving to the poor, and many other religious matters. Civil Law and Common Law primarily focus on public behavior, but both also regulate some private matters.

Shariah Law can be used in larger situations than guiding an individual’s behavior. It can be used as a guide for how an individual acts in society and how one group interacts with another. The Shariah Law can be used to settle border disputes between nations or within nations. It can be used to settle international disputes, conflicts and wars. This Law does not exclude any knowledge from other sources and is viewed by the Muslim world as a vehicle to solve all problems civil, criminal and international.

While Shariah only applies to Muslims, how does the United States allow it alongside our own laws and maintain our integrity as a nation?

The United States has a law and it’s called the Constitution. We do have separation of church and state. Another irresolvable conflict.

Shariah Law has several sources from which to draw its guiding principles. It does not rely upon one source for its broad knowledge base. The first and primary element of Sharia Law is the Quran.

If Shariah runs as an alternate system of justice, it would be regarded by most as an infiltration of Islam into our system of justice.

Shariah affects estates, banking, punishments for crimes and so on. Conflicts with our constitution could arise over issues that are considered crimes under Shariah such as Apostasy from Islam, adultery, fornication, defamation (they do not have freedom of speech as we know it), false accusation, drinking of alcohol, et al.

We need to have an honest and open discussion, without emotion, about this issue but people and groups like Maxine Waters, the Islamic Society and the ACLU won’t let us. They silence us with their accusations of racism and hate.

They’re trying to sell the American public on the idea that Shariah Law is congruent with our Constitution. It clearly is not.

Liberals will tell you it is no different than orthodox Jews following Rabbinical Law. These are the same people who go postal if a cross is on display in a public square or if God is mentioned in a school.

That is something we should discuss, but then we would be racists.

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Anonymous said...

Maxine is the Perfect candidate to lead a million woman into Sharia compliance for... say a month, so they can appreciate the nuances of barbarianism.
Dress that Ho in a burka and have a Muzzie beat her with a stick every day, and how about taking away her driving privileges, forbidding her to talk to or touch men as well. Memmory fails me for the rest of the beastly stuff that poor sisterhood must do to be worthy, but let Maxine lead the way, it could be the beginning of her awakening, and imagine all the sex a good Muzzie could have with her, every orifice appears to be compliant and that old goat would really get a workout.

Francis W. Porretto said...

If memory serves, Waters also claimed the black rioters during the Rodney King upheaval were justified by the initial verdict -- including the thugs who nearly killed truck driver Reginald Denny -- and castigated anyone who said a word against them .

MrRuby said...

But I'm all for Sharia law! It will end the gay marriage controversy since homosexuals will be executed. Divorce rates will go down because adulterers will be stoned in the streets. Prison over-crowding will end because beheading and be-handing (just made that up) will replace lengthy jail sentences. I could do a mercy killing on my daughter since she has brought disgrace on my family by dating a liberal. Oh, I could go on and on and on about the 'benefits' of Sharia law.

To bad MW doesn't have a clue about what Sharia law is.

Chris said...

Sharia is compatible with the Constitution? On her home planet perhaps or in her delusional dreams....

Let's search the Constitution for justification for:
* Cutting the hands off of convicted thieves (happens all the time in America, right?)
* Death to homosexuals (usually public hangings)
* Death to adulterers (usually public stoning or being shot)
* Death to those to speak against (1) the Founding Fathers and/or the Constitution; (3) Pope/Billy Graham/Joseph Smith/et al; and/or the Bible/Book of Mormon/etc. (re: all those crazy evangelicals and bicycle-riding Mormon youth who regularly behead "the infidels" in the streets on the spot with accompanying YouTube videos)
* Death to anyone who "converts" from the government-approved dogma (just wait a few years, we may yet get to that point)
* "Honor killing" of female family members who have "defamed" the family honor
* Females treated as property, less-than-second-class citizens
* Raping females of your enemy or turning them into sex slaves is totally OK

Yuppers, I can easily see all the places where the Constitution really is totally copacetic with Sharia.....


As the Hon. Bugs Bunny, Esq. would say, "Wuddah maroon!"

Unknown said...

Well Doug, the Bible commands all of these all of the things you cited in sharia law. What Waters is speaking out against is singling out a specific religious group and making their own religious laws illegal. She never suggests that sharia should be adopted, but only that sharia is compatible with the constitution in the same ways that biblical law is. This includes the ten commandments. The constitution calls for separation of church and state, otherwise Christians would be stoning adulterers left and right.

Anonymous said...

So, will the IDIOTS who keep electing Waters keep electing her? (Of course, since they are obviously so IGNORANT and don't care to educate themselves about such matters)

Kay B. Day said...

No, Sharia is not compatible with the US Constitution. Sharia is completely at odds with the First Amendment. Shariah also presents challenge to US laws regarding inheritance, one reason the UK's barristers are struggling with it now. Sharia recognizes the elevation of Allah's law above any law created by man, and the interpretations of Allah's law vary from Islamic scholar to Islamic scholar.

Lawfare will begin to increase as the Islamist lobby accompanied by donor dollars grow more powerful in the US. To say Sharia is compliant with the US Constitution is to downgrade the Constitution whether intentional or not.

Anonymous said...

your comment just shows your lack of knowledge of shariah. Dig a bit deeper and you might know

Anonymous said...

We know that we are inflicted with idiots in this world .. but, it is disastrous when so many of them are elected to congress.

Gen said...

Woman is nuts, she should have her brains checked out. waters is seeking to put more woman in bondage. Please do not let the Muslims take over America. Every day we see how brutal the Muslims are. Their plan is to rule the world and it's people with brutality.

Unknown said...

If a military coup was successful and military tribunals started to try traitors I wonder if public hangings would be one of the penalties for those found guilty?