Friday, September 19, 2014

GIRD YOUR LOINS: Are You Ready for Hillary?

Smart Power, indeed:


V. said...

Imagine that Hillary was a Republican - she would have been totally destroyed by now for her incompetence. Just awful.

Anonymous said...

The trick that whoever ends up as her opponent will need to learn quickly, in order to defeat her, is to reference her by her own actions, WITHOUT MENTIONING HER NAME. Otherwise the MSM will immediately slam him/her as a "Hillary hater" who is out to get her, personally--in other words, just a mean, hateful troll.

Boon Vickerson is out there said...

Good question that, "what does it matter ", because I think there is no wat to vote our way out of this. It is too late. The bastards are not going to let us little people have a say via the ballot box. They have done too much, have commuted so many crimes and violated the rule of law so thouroghly they know if the little people could vote them out they would discover just how bad and evil they truly are. And the incredible extant of what they have done to us through their greed and avarice.
It is time to secede, time to withdraw consent for this class of omnipotent cunning criminal class of psycopaths.