Saturday, September 20, 2014

LATEST SENATE POLLING: Rove and the Establishment GOP Nitwits May Have Committed Electoral Suicide

The geriatric and senile Republican establishment could very well have destroyed their ability to take the Senate this year, a year that should have been ripe for a GOP landslide.

From Mitch McConnell's vow to "crush the Tea Party" all the way to rampant vote fraud in Mississippi, the Reince Priebus- and Karl Rove-led band of numbskulls have wagered that corrupting the primary process, demonizing the conservative activist base, and using borderline criminal tactics would unify the party.

As it turns out -- despite an onslaught of horrific news regarding the very real policy failures of Democrat governance -- it now appears that the Senate may not change hands after all. The latest aggregate poll numbers assembled by RCP appear to have Rove's panties in a bunch as evidenced by his hilarious plea for more donations in The Wall Street Journal.

IOWA - deadlocked
KANSAS - deadlocked (Pat Roberts defeated Tea Party-backed Milton Wolf in the primary)
NEW HAMPSHIRE - Democrat Shaheen leads by 12 points
GEORGIA - deadlocked
NORTH CAROLINA - Democrat Kay Hagan leads by 5 points over the establishment's Tillis
LOUISIANA - deadlocked
COLORADO - deadlocked
MICHIGAN - Democrat Peters leads by 7 points
MINNESOTA - Democrat Franken leads by 12 points
ALASKA - deadlocked
ARKANSAS - deadlocked
KENTUCKY - RINO McConnell leads by 3 points

In other words, "The Architect" and his band of highly-paid consultants, lobbyists, and sycophants -- in their selfish bid for "purity" -- could very well have squandered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

What a bunch of schmucks.

And anyone who gives Karl Rove a dime deserves everything they get, which is nothing.


Anonymous said...

Any chance this will, for once and all, end that stupid & undeserving tag of The Architect for numbnutz?

Oh wait, maybe he should keep it and just be considered "the architect" of the 2014 disaster.

The Stupid Party doesn't begin to describe this clowncar of idiots.
MM said...

All intentional. These corrupt hacks want no responsibility, but want to hog all the benefits.

What moron donates to these bastards, other than democrat operatives?

Anonymous said...

If these RINO-CINO idiots think they are going to see a wave come November, they better be thinking of the "beach", cause it ain't gonna come at the polls.

As long as they continue to be the dem lites, they won't see anything from me.


Lee Cary said...

Rove is the DNC's most valuable player.

Anonymous said...

Supporting Obama's arming of his Mohammedan pals didn't help either.

Anonymous said...

This is easy, they will blame the loss at the polls on Ted Cruz.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Yes, they're geriatric has-beens interested solely in maintaining their power and perquisites...but that's nothing new. Both parties are dominated by such creatures. What's far more important is the dynamic of power, which we have never yet found a way to counter.

Benson II said...

The time for fighting was in the primaries and if we(conservatives) lost, we'll get the bastUrds next time. For the general election I will vote Republican if I have to crawl to the polls to do it. I care more about my country than I care about having a snit fit because the likes of Rove are leftist weasels. Reid must be stopped and the only way to do that is for Republicans to take over the Senate. Show me one time that liberals gave a damn if they lost enough to not vote Democrat.