Sunday, September 28, 2014

I just got an email from Karl Rove!


President Obama's approval ratings keep dropping, no reliable poll shows battleground Senate Democrats with over 50% support, and GOP voters are excited to cast their ballots in 37 days. The midterm environment is toxic for Democrats, yet there's a chance Republicans may not take the Senate. Why?

Could it be that you and the rest of the Republican ruling class are completely out of touch with the grass roots? That you went to war with your own base? That you decimated any unity between the conservative and establishment wings of the party? And for what: to keep your incumbent protection racket going for mouth-breathers like Thad Cochran and Pat Roberts?

The Democrats have a huge money advantage. Last month alone, Democrats outraised Republicans by $1.6 million dollars.

Gee, I wonder why.

They intend to outspend Republicans between Labor Day and Election Day, having bought $109 MILLION in television ads already, compared to $85 million for GOP candidates and their allies so far. Democrats, Harry Reid's PAC, and liberal interest groups are launching hundreds of attack ads in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, and North Carolina - key states in the fight for the Senate.

So now you're worried that your strategy of attacking conservatives might be, eh, suicidal? A tad late, Dr. Whiteboard!

Republicans must cut this Democratic money advantage or lose.

Agreed, 100%. I encourage you to give your money to the candidates of choice or the Senate Conservatives Fund.

The GOP doesn't need to outspend the Democrats to win. But Republicans must be competitive. Every dollar is crucial to a GOP victory.

This lecture comes after Rove and his apparatchiks wasted millions in GOP primaries to protect carbon footprints.

Can you chip in $25 - or more if you can - to elect a Republican Senate majority?

Hahahahhahahhahahahahahah! After vowing to "crush" conservatives "everywhere" and rolling out the lowest race-baiting attacks imaginable -- to get Democrats to steal the Mississippi primary -- now you want our money?

This can still be a big Republican year. Democrats have a cash advantage, but polls show we have an enthusiasm advantage and lead or are tied in enough races to take the Senate. Republicans must reduce the Democratic cash advantage to tip the scale in our favor. Please, donate NOW to elect a Republican Senate majority. Our country's future depends upon it.

Now you're just whining, Karl.


Karl Rove

Give generously to the Senate Conservatives Fund and tell Uncle Karl to drink a nice, tall glass of shut-up juice.


Groman said...

Here in NC the Republican establishment selected Thom Tillis the Chamber of Commerce choice, to run against the loathsome Kay Hagan. A Democrat hack, she voted for Obamacare and pretty much everything else Obama proposed. The Republican party redrew a district and then there was a sudden late entry into the primary. An alleged conservative, Mark Harris, helped split the conservative vote so that Tillis was the winner. Harris is now campaigning for Tillis. How's that working out ? Tillis is trailing Hagan by a solid 6%. I believe the word in German is schadenfreude.

Anonymous said...

I never EVER donate to any of these political funds. My campaign dollars, pitiful as they are, go direct to the candidates.

But that's a double-edged sword. Candidates can keep every last penny donated directly to them, no matter the outcome of the election. Why do you think Obastard is doing all these fundraisers?