Friday, September 26, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Clearest Sign Yet the GOP Will Take the Senate: Eric Holder Announces Resignation

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Clearest Sign Yet the GOP Will Take the Senate: Eric Holder to Resign: RS
Obama’s Enforcer, Eric Holder, Exits Stage Left: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Justice Ginsburg advocates aborting the poor: RS

US: 70% of released illegal alien families fail to report to agents: Hot Air
DoD policy will allow illegal aliens to serve in military: Andrew Tilghman
Senate Candidate Scott Brown: This Race Is About Immigration: VDARE

WaPo on Hillary: This “Middle East” thing isn’t looking good: Joe Cunningham
They Just Don't Get It: Cold Fury
VICTORY: Shaneen Allen Avoids Jail Time: Philly

Only 15 per cent of Americans view Holder positively: Daily Mail
Eric Holder to step down: Politico
Ferguson Erupts Again: Protester Threatens Cops 'None Of You Are Safe': TR

Scandal Central

Federal Court Orders Release of Fast and Furious Documents List by 10/22: JW
Sen. Kay Hagan’s husband directly benefited from the Stimulus she voted for: RS
Obama Forbids FBI From Using Religion in Identifying Terrorists, as ISIS Recruits Openly in U.S.: Breitbart

Benghazi heroes vs. Democrat Rep. Adam Smith on "No Stand Down Orders Given": Scoop
Dem John Lewis Says Progressive Policies Have Helped Minorities in Chicago and Detroit : ProgsToday
DWS Accuses Another Republican Of Giving Women The “Back Of His Hand”: Surge

Climate & Energy

AP Fact-Check Shreds Obama UN Speech: Bradford Thomas
The Mann Act: Mark Steyn
EPA chief: Climate skeptics 'sad': Laura Barron-Lopez, The Hill


Oh, Those Democrat Operatives with Bylines: Ed Driscoll
Wanted: Grown Ups: Erick Erickson
Does Obama Not See The Irony?: Rhymes

NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Eric Holder is a very non-political person”: Ace
Al Sharpton 'Engaged' With White House In Finding Holder Replacement: Caleb Howe
Holder Steps Down (Cartoon): RWN

Debates about war protocol hamstring our defense efforts: Jonah Goldberg
The Democrats' Distate for Human Nature: Elephant
NYT Reporter: Clinton Press Aide Followed Me to the Bathroom: Mediaite


Not a good sign: Iran and China prepare joint naval exercises: Allen West
The Perfect Storm of European Anti-Semitism: AmInt
#BurnISISFlagChallenge in Kosovo: Stephen Schwartz

Woman Secretly Films Life in Raqqa, Syria under the Islamic State: Pamela Geller
Still Not Proud-Michelle Obama: American Women “Subjugated By Harmful Cultural Norms”…: Treehouse
Muslim Scholars ‘Refute’ Islamic State’s Islamic Case — While Endorsing Jihad, Sharia, Caliphate: Robert Spencer

The Zombie Apocalypse Is Apparently Starting In Africa: RWN
Turkey to Help Muslim Brotherhood Overthrow Egypt: Scoop
A Look Inside The Secret Deal With Saudi Arabia That Unleashed The Syrian Bombing: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Analysis: Syria airstrikes introduce F-22's firepower to the world: Aaron Mehta
Vizio now selling a 50-inch 4K TV for $1000, thanks to new custom backlight tech: ExtremeTech
Fast Lane, Slow Lane -- "No Lane" -- End Game in Telecommunications: Bruce Kushnick


D.C. Whispers: “Mr. President, You Have No Choice. You’re Exposed Here.”: a12iggymom's Blog
Map of New Orleans: Judgmental Maps
Volvo pranks newest valet on the Italian Riviera: Autoblog

Image: Only 15 per cent of Americans view Holder positively
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QOTD: "...the government argues that it must devote significant numbers of attorneys to this matter if it hopes to comply with the current Vaughn index deadline … But the Department has known about its Vaughn index obligations since July 18, 2014 … At best, it means the Department has been slow to react to this Court’s previous Order. At worst, it means the Department has ignored that Order until now.

...[S]eventy-five days—plus another twenty-one, based in part on Judicial Watch’s consent—is enough time for the government to prepare the index that this Court has ordered, given that this matter has been pending for over two years. The Court will therefore extend the Department’s Vaughn index submission deadline to October 22, 2014—and no further." --U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates


Boon Vickerson is out there said...

The psychopaths running things are going to replace one murdering bloodthirsty psychopath for another murdering blood thirsty psychopath.
Rumors are Janet Napolitano is being considerer as Holders replacement.
Forget her and the Clintons massacre at Waco Texas at your peril. Except this time it will be you and me they want to burn out of our homes, towns and states.
Old axiom about history:
Those who ignore the past take the dirt nap first.

commoncents said...

Derek Jeter's Final Game at Yankee Stadium - FULL HIGHLIGHTS