Sunday, September 21, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Letting in the wrong refugees

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Letting in the wrong refugees: Michelle Malkin
Dems block Cruz bill to strip U.S. citizenship from ISIS defectors: Times
DHS Unaware of 40 ISIS Terrorists Who Returned to U.S.: Sara Noble

‘Interceptor’ cellphone towers found near White House, Senate: Times
Is Mexico Really Helping Curb Flow Of Central American Illegals?: VDARE
1,000 Officials Raid L.A. Fashion District, Seize Cartel Millions: PoliceMag

Where Are Obama’s War Protesters?: Rick Jensen
Russian Nuclear Bombers Buzz Alaska, N. Europe: WFB
The Bear And The Dragon Encircle The Eagle: NoisyRm

House Democrats Pummel Republicans in August Fundraising: Roll Call
Most Dangerous: SCC
2nd Person In 2 Days Arrested For Attempted White House Entry: WZ

Ho hum: Obama on vacation again: FAM
ISIS Releases Chilling New Video – IN ENGLISH: GWP
Rand Paul says US intervention made Islamic State stronger: Stripes

Scandal Central

CNN reporter: State Department DOUBTS Tahmooressi’s story: Scoop
‘Out Of Control’: Coalition Of Sheriffs Demand Border Help: NoisyRm
Scene of the Crime (BIG Post): SCC

Climate & Energy

Sunday’s NYC Climate March Is Like Totally Anti-Establishment: RWN


A cynical blogger might think that these White House security breaches were deliberate.: Moe Lane
Leftist media goes after black Benghazi whistleblower. Is that racist?: Allen West
Numbskull David Corn yells "But Bush!" three times in pathetic attempt to defend Obacalypse: Scoop

Krauthammer: Obama micromanagement of military strikes is “scary stuff”: LI
Disturbing Video – Saint Louis Missouri Mob Assault: Treehouse
Latest ISIS victim: Gory Halloween props banned: LI

Photographer Cleverly Shames HuffPo After They Use Her Imgur-Hosted Photo without Permission: PetaPixel
American Spectator Surrenders To Vexatious Litigant and Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin: Ken White
Fire captain injured in ice bucket challenge dies: AP


Saving Private Kerry: Daniel Greenfield
Canadian Jihad, Abroad and at Home: GoV
Again in UK: Muslim rape gangs targeted girls in Sheffield, care worker feared being called racist: JihadWatch

You got to know who your enemy is: Cold Fury
Riiight: Infidel Austrian government to create standardized Koran to stem Islamic extremism: BCF
Overwhelming Evidence That John McCain Met With ISIS-Allied Rebels: GotNews

What Did Turkey Trade for Hostages?: Rick Moran
Canada Begins Invalidating Passports Of Citizens Who Have Left To Join Extremist Groups: WZ
Huge Navy drone that is bigger than a 737 takes to the skies for flight across America: Daily Mail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

More Protection SVP: WRSA
Predicting crime with Big Data ... welcome to "Minority Report" for real: NetworkWorld
Oculus Rift's new prototype brings out the best in virtual reality: Engadget


The Battle of Victims: Pumping-Up to WIN Because #It’sOnUs: MOTUS
The Village Idiot...: 90 Miles
The Obama Interview We’d Like to See: Keith Koffler

Image: Fence Breach Prompts More White House Security
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QOTD: "Defending Obama against accusations that his delayed response had allowed ISIS to become a major threat, he [Sec. of State John Kerry] claimed that, “Early this summer the ISIL threat accelerated when it effectively erased the Iraq-Syria border and the Mosul Dam fell. The President acted immediately.”

“Immediately” makes Obama sound proactive. Kerry’s testimony was full of similarly active language. He used the word “immediately” three times in close succession. But cheap marketing tricks can’t cover up the fact that Obama’s “immediately” kicked in when ISIS was marching on Baghdad... If you wait until an Al Qaeda spinoff has nearly taken over two countries, then there’s nothing immediate about your actions.

Kerry’s statement was filled with such delayed immediacies. “Deliberately and decisively, we further surged the ISR missions immediately,” he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee... In fact there was nothing decisive or immediate about it.

Obama significantly delayed the rescue of the hostages leading to the televised beheadings. He responded with air strikes only when actual genocide had begun taking place and Iraq appeared to be on the verge of falling to ISIS.

There’s nothing immediate about any of that." --Daniel Greenfield

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