Friday, September 19, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Obamacare Architect Thinks You Should Die by Age 75

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Obamacare Architect Thinks You Should Die by Age 75: Jon Gabriel
You Can’t Outsource Our National Security: Christopher Holton
NY Dem: ‘All My Heroes Were America’s Enemies’: MenRec

4 Suspected Terrorists Arrested on 9/10 Near Southern Border: Lid
John Kerry, Master Dhimmi: Carol Brown
The challenge of stopping do-it-yourself jihadism: Jonah Goldberg

Cruz Dominates White House Dossier GOP Primary Poll: Keith Koffler
GFY, NRSC and Karl Rove: Erick Erickson
Democrats Lose Edge with Women Voters: AmInt

Ferguson Lowlifes Make Demands, Issue Threats: MB
Go Away, Hillary: Alan Caruba
AG Holder enforces Sharia, citizens can’t use zoning laws to stop mosques: Pamela Geller


Boehner and Pelosi Unite to Pass Bill Funding Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, Syrian Rebels: CNS
Report: Cali. Lead Ban to Triple Ammo Prices: Tea Party
Schools stockpile grenade launchers, M16s, armor, other military equipment: EAG

Scandal Central

State Department Used 'Made Up' Name In Order To Ignore Security Needs In Benghazi: TR
Radical Activists on Ninth Circuit say it’s illegal to wear American Flag shirt on Cinco de Mayo: FAM
Mark Levin Goes Nuclear Over Cinco de Mayo Decision: Scoop

Benghazi Annex Security Team Members Challenge Democrat Adam Schiff To A Debate: Nice Deb
Sharyl Attkisson: Obama’s Whereabouts During Benghazi Attacks Are ‘Unacceptably Private’: CBS Philly
WI Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Blames Consultant For Plagiarized Jobs Plan: BuzzFeed


Gallup: Americans Don't Trust MSM, Say It's Too Liberal: Lid
As Michelle Purges Schools Of Sugary Snacks, WH Machine Sells 590 Calorie Honey Buns: ProgsToday
Mark Levin: An Answer to the 'Outrageous Cherry-Picking of American History' Regarding Race: CNS

Why Do They Make It So Easy?: R.S. McCain
This Time It Is Not Sarah Palin Targeting People for Assassination: Erick Erickson
NBC Gives 'Christie Innocent In Bridgegate' 38 Secs; Devoted Nearly 5 Mins When Scandal Broke: MRC


Mark Levin: "A Revolt Going On With Top Generals And Obama": RCP
ISIS Calls For Radicalized Americans To Go To Homes Of U.S. Soldiers, 'Slaughter Them': Breitbart
Archaeologists in Poland Make Horrendous Discovery: Blaze

John "Mashed Potato Face" Kerry"We are at war with the enemies of Islam": Scoop
Australians Now Wish They Were Armed After Latest ISIS Plot Revealed: Nick Adams
There's a Black Market for Ebola Survivors' Blood: Shirley Li

Muslim Asks 3 Sobbing Children to Choose Which of Them Will Be Beheaded First: RWN
Let’s Not Arm Anyone in Syria: Leon Wolf
The aftermath of Scotland’s ‘no’ vote: Spectator

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

On Safe Computing: Liberty At Stake
Home Depot breach put 56M payment cards at risk: ComputerWorld
Hubble Space Telescope finds smallest known galaxy with supermassive black hole: Xeni Jardin


Rich just rich. Michelle Obama to kids with cancer: Living in the White House ‘can be hard’: BPR
#IWasForItBeforeItWasn’tMyIdea: MOTUS
CIA Posts Hundreds of Declassified Journal Articles: FAS

Image: Archaeologists in Poland Make Horrendous Discovery
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LibertyAtStake said...

Thanks for the plug.

Anonymous said...

How can it be said that this confrontation with Islam has nothing to do with Christianity - that this is not about Christianity vs. Islam when clearly it is?
People understand that Bush was careful not to go there because religious issues inflame, and emotionalism trumps reason, especially when dealing with religious fanatics. But the Church has a responsibility to understand and combat this power grab of darkness.
How does the Bible describe the tactics of the enemy? The first is that he isolates you to beat your brains out. The second is that he lays siege to what he wants to conquer - and he uses words spoken against you to energize people, decisions, and circumstances to defeat you. (In one form these are the announcements shouted from Mosques every day.)
The antidote is the Church assembled in divine order listening to God's Spirit, speaking God's Word and moving in obedience to accomplish His will. This IS about light and darkness, God's kingdom and the devils, and about the decisions souls make that effect their destiny. It is deception for the Church to be told not to stand up, we are told what the three conditions are to are overcome. If the Muslims get upset, too bad, we have a heritage.