Saturday, September 06, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Virginia Taxpayers to Pay $20,000 for Each One of Obama's Undocumented Students

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Virginia Taxpayers to Pay $20,000 Per Undocumented Student: Signal
White House Doesn’t Care about American Workers: RWN
Obama Invents “Immigration Rights” in Milwaukee Labor Speech: NewAm

The Conservative Moment: Neal Freeman
What the Generic Ballot Tells Us About a GOP Wave: Sean Trende
Levin: You Got What You Wanted, GOPe, Your Base is ‘Furious’: Jen Kuznicki

The 25 Most Influential People On The Right For 2014: John Hawkins
Mark Begich: one of the 97%. Also, poised to lose in Alaska.: Moe Lane
Former Republican presidential hopeful plans pro-Israel rally in DC: Hayom


US Inks Deal with Mexico to Protect Mexican Workers--Including Illegals: CNS
Obamacare Claims Its Latest Victim: The August Jobs Report: IJR
NYT: Say, Good Paying Jobs Are Missing In The Obameconomy: RWN

Scandal Central

Shocking Emails Reveal Lois Lerner's 'Secret Research Project': JW
Odd: Five More Scandal Related IRS Employees With Lost Emails: Lid
US: Sonia Sotomayor Speaks to Immigrant Justice Corps: BCF

U.S. jet carrying 100 military contractors forced to land inside Iran: Hot Air
Here’s the ENTIRE ’13 Hours’ Fox News special with eyewitness accounts of Benghazi: Scoop
A Man Made A Shocking Discovery About ISIS In America, But What Happened Next Is Unbelievable: WJ


Networks Skip Bombshell Benghazi Claim: Rescue Was Delayed By CIA Official: MRC
In Defense of Bare Naked Islam: Zilla
EXCLUSIVE: Here Are #MichaelBrown Anti-Women, Violent Tweets: GotNews

Ben Rhodes: Obama hasn’t watched the beheading videos…: Scoop
Twice as Many Americans Conservative as Liberal: James Joyner
NATO Photo Of Leaders…And The Narcissist And Chief Strikes Again! Look At Me!: Daily Smug


U.S. State Department Actively Promoting Islam in Europe: Soeren Kern
The dilemma of the Jewish leftist : Caroline Glick
A History Lesson for Barack Obama: What Really Happened in Estonia During World War II?: BCF

The rapes in Rotherham were possible because of The Left: ProWis
‘Typing through tears': Bret Baier’s ’13 Hours at Benghazi’ special moves, angers: Twitchy
'At least 10 Israeli Arabs have joined ISIS in Syria': Hayom

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The new Moto X could be the best Android phone ever made: TheVerge
Sony shows off latest SmartEyeglasses prototype: PC World
Now That We Know Coffee's Genome, Your Morning Buzz Will Be Genetically Modified: Motherboard


Peace Elusive in Strife-Torn Midwest: IowaHawk
Hash Tag Game: Q&O
World War II vet selling his amazing house of cars: Fox

Image: Where the f*** is Eric Holder now?
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QOTD: "Obama and ilk cannot let the word “Islam” pass their lips while making noises about “managing the problem” of ISIS. The next step can be found in a startling and bizarre column from the National Post in which the author seriously offers that way to “save your life” is to know how to recite the shahadah.

Sure, and we can wear burqas, close churches and temples and pay jizyah.

Why not just submit and be done with it?

In the struggle between the West and barbarism, the Left chooses barbarism. For them, The Other is only reactive to the evil of Western Civilization’s imperialism, colonialism, sexism and heteronormitivity. The Other is the perpetual victim and we are the perpetual oppressors.

We cannot and should not fight only against the barbarism of Islamism, but also the anti-Western dogma of the Left that enables it." --Jeff Goldstein

1 comment:

Andrew_M_Garland said...

"In the struggle between the West and barbarism, the Left chooses barbarism."

Progressives/Leftists consider themselves superior and the natural owners of the world. Like us all, they see problems and conflicts. Their solution is to put themselves into power to control the populace and end the problems.

They plan to correct bad thinking and impose proper ideas. They don't restrict themselves to the truth. They assume that people don't think well enough to direct their own lives. So, they don't try to persuade people in an intellectual way. Their arguments are more like advertising slogans, working on the assumptions of their audience and taking advantage of flawed thinking.

It is impossible to have an informed discussion with a Progressive, because their "facts" are chosen to be persuasive, not because they are true. They will never admit an incorrect fact, because persuasion is more important than the truth. They will change the discussion to another "fact" when pressed on the truth of the first one.

They see an autocratic society as half-way to the goal, regardless of the anti-liberal policies of that society. Control first, good policies second.

So, they defend the right of a society to be autocratic. For example, they admire Muslim societies because of the autocratic control, despite some quibbles about a lack of freedom for the populace. They assume they will have a ruling position and will not be subject to the objectionable parts of autocratic control.

Why are U.S. Progressives antisemitic and anti-Israel? That is the position of the autocratic societies that fit their plans. They can get support from those societies to oppose and eventually control the U.S. Opposing Israel and sacrificing the lives and freedom of six million Israelis is a small price to pay for support of their own plans.