Friday, September 08, 2017

EQUIFAX: You Had One Job

The credit reporting firm Equifax is one of the leading stewards of personally identifying information (PII) in the United States. It holds detailed information on virtually every American resident: Social Security numbers, income, credit scores, you name it.

It was revealed earlier this week that Equifax recently suffered a catastrophic security breach. At least 143 million Americans were impacted.

Well, as David Coursey observes, there could be a very rational explanation: "I am the FIRST person to say that your college degree doesn't define you, but this is funny. #Equifax #equifaxbreach".

Really, Equifax?

A music major?

Not a Lockheed or Northrop cyberwarfare vet?

Not a hardcore CompSci guy who was involved with Stuxnet?

A f***in' music major?

A f***in' music major responsible for one of the most sensitive databases in the world?


Update: Susan Mauldin's LinkedIn profile has now been, eh, deleted.

I don't blame her.


PaddyO' said...

Diversity and all that!

commoncents said...

Hurricane Irma Live Streaming:

Whoopie said...

I've always wondered, who exactly authorized these credit reporting agencies to compile huge databases of personal financial information on people without their knowledge or consent? Was it an act of congress? And who regulates or has oversight of their activities?

Anonymous said...

Be careful of that "free" Credit Monitoring they are offering. You have to "AGREE" to not sue them or become part of a Class Action Case against them.

On top of they breech, all the executives sold their shares before the announcement was made and the stock took a dive......bastards.


Anonymous said...

Reeks of a diversity hire. Diversity is our strength here in corporate America.

-- theBuckWheat

Anonymous said...

Buckwheat, "Diversity is our strength here in corporate America"

That's funny, I thought the company I work for is the only one pushing that narrative. Sounds like it is every company. i.e, every corporate officer reads the same Harvard Business Review papers, decides to use it in their business and labels it "company proprietary", as if they are the only ones who read Harvard Business Review.

Anonymous said...

Probably the LinkedIn profile is NOT deleted. More likely, one of her colleagues showed her how to set security on it such that it is only visible to trusted connections.

Paul said...

Anonymous crawls out from the troll nest.

Unknown said...

...Although Anonymous is absolutely correct in his or her assessment.

This is a music major.
No education in finance or cyber security.
A music major.
How many music majors are there running financial institutions?
One more time.
A music major.

Unknown said...

She just changed her name on linked in. Here profile is still there:

I have a computer science degree and a music degree, so I am going to ask her if she's looking for a successor.

Bill said...


lee said...
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lee said...

Graduate students are not graduated with honours such as magna, summa, cum laude. She's full of $***.