Monday, February 02, 2004

No, I'm the real John Kasay

The Sports Guy (a.k.a., Bill Simmons, a writer for the Jimmy Kimmel show and ESPN) has a funny article about the Kimmel bit featuring their impostor John Kasay (kicker for the Panthers) taped on Superbowl's Media Day.

Everyone agrees. Sal gets dressed in his Kasay outfit. Please keep in mind, he's wearing a dark jersey with the wrong socks. Every other member of the Panthers is dressed differently. So, we race down there, set up the cameras, and then Paul and I mill around Sal like we're talking to him. People start walking by us, taking an extra-long look -- almost like they're shopping or something -- and then walk away. Some even recognize him from the show. We finally get a nibble with a local TV station, then some radio guy falls for it hook, line and sinker. And so it begins.

Over the next 45 minutes, we end up roping in a handful of people, with Sal giving crazy answers like, 'I'll let you in on a little secret: I have a metal left foot, the league has no idea,' and 'I don't care about the game, I'm just here for the strippers.' And since we have something already pre-arranged for a beginning and ending with ESPN's NFL set and Trey Wingo, all we need is some sort of interaction with Kasay for a button in the middle, to show this was obviously a prank.

Poor Kasay has his own interview spot in the stands; he's talking to reporters with no idea what's happening on the field. Sal sneaks up there, barges into the pack and screams, 'Guys, this man is an impostor! I'm the real John Kasay!'.

Initially, Kasay seems fairly amused by the whole thing -- after all, Sal's wearing a different colored jersey, his pants are too small, and he doesn't look anything like him. Then they have this exchange:

   Kasay (smiling): "Yeah, yeah, you can tell by his build, he's a real athlete."

   Sal: "I'll tell you one thing, I would never wear my socks like that."

For some reason, this sets Kasay off. - Page2 - Mighty Kasay strikes out

What's up with these guys?

Whickety whack HTML skillzI was contacted by the classy sounding business LeaseBoyzToyz... and they're apparently interested in assuming my G35 lease. However, they don't seem to assume it through the normal channels (i.e., officially taking ownership of the lease through the bank or leasing company)... but instead use their own home-brew contract. I sent them back a quick note asking why they don't perform a normal lease assumption... and asking for the contact information for a couple of other happy customers. Due to the groundswell of requests, I'll keep you posted on this crucial data.

10:20pm Update

Odd... I did an inlink search for LeaseBoyzToyz and -- new record -- there's not a single link on the entire web to their site. Nor a reference on Usenet. Hmm... I'll keep digging.

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