Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Angels & DemonsPosted
the following review to Amazon regarding Dan Brown's exciting Angels & Demons: Twists, Turns, Action - and a truly Unique Story

Robert Langdon - the Harvard symbologist best known for his role in the _The DaVinci Code_ - makes his first appearance in this work. Langdon is called to CERN - the world-famous laboratory in Switzerland - to help investigate the bizarre murder of a leading physicist. The scientist's chest has been branded - with the unmistakable symbol of the mysterious group called 'The Illuminati'. Worse, the scientist's most recent discovery - antimatter secured in a magnetic container - has been stolen. The antimatter is a dangerous explosive, akin to a nuclear weapon, co-developed by the scientist's attractive daughter. She accompanies Langdon in the fast-paced search for the weapon, which leads to the Vatican.

Thought to have perished years ago, the Illuminati are a shadowy lot -- founded by scientists like Galileo --and have battled the Catholic Church for centuries. The hunt for the murderous thieves -- and the Illuminati -- all point to a devastating plot to destroy the Vatican and, with it, the Catholic Church. Using ancient and modern clues, Rome's landmarks, and fascinating historical documents from Vatican archives, Langdon tracks the killers like a bloodhound. Complicating matters is a Papal Conclave, with hundreds of Cardinals sealed into the Vatican while electing a new Pope... and sitting on a time-bomb.

_Angels & Demons_ is a roller-coaster ride. Just when you've got a handle on the culprits and their motives, a whip-saw 90-degree turn flings you in a completely different direction. With plenty of fascinating detail, an exciting plot, and unique characters, this novel will grip you and not let go.

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