Monday, January 31, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Chinese Communist Party termites are everywhere in U.S.

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 • Chinese Communist Party termites are everywhere in U.S. Richard Berman
 • Energy crisis: China turning back on greenhouse gas promises made to US Examiner
 • Chinese ambassador warns of ‘military conflict’ with US over Taiwan Fox
 • The brains behind Biden’s border disaster Conn Carroll
 • Our Representatives, Not J6 Protesters, Defile the ‘Sacred’ U.S. Capitol Julie Kelly
 • School teacher who wanted to run down cops is fired Jazz Shaw
 • Teacher who allegedly led ISIS battalion charged with aiding terrorism Elizabeth Faddis
 • Vaccine Mandate ‘Feels Like Coercion,’ Says Boston Teacher Who Fears Firing Virginia Allen
 • Here’s Why Texas Governor Greg Abbott is Tanking Gavin Wax


 • Don’t They Know We Will Still Need Oil & Gas? Not A Lot Of People Know That
 • Green Technologies Have a Glaring Problem of Scale Iddo Wernick
 • Who Really Got Rich From the Gamestop Revolution? Spencer Jakab

Scandal Central

 • 2000 Mules: The Background of the 2020 Election Fraud CTH
 • The Black Lives Matter scam Examiner
 • Joe Rogan addresses Spotify censorship controversy PM


 • Salvation Army Silent on Impact of Race-Based Training on Fundraising Kevin Mooney
 • Elon Musk says Biden treating people 'like fools,' calls him 'damp sock puppet' Matthew Miller
 • How to Delete Your Facebook Account Eric Griffith


 • Congress aims to complete U-turn on decades of economic relations with China Zachary Halaschak
 • Beijing seals off more residential areas, reports 12 cases Huizhong Wu
 • Defense: What to expect for US troop involvement with Russia and Ukraine Examiner

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • The Mask Fiasco Kerpen
 • The man who tweeted the future Marc Cenedella
 • Waymo sues California DMV to keep driverless crash data under wraps Andrew J. Hawkins


 • Famed Photographer Freezes to Death on Busy Paris Street Michael Zhang
 • Awww Monday Woodsterman Style Woodsterman
 • Has the UFO community become a political movement? Alex Sears

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