Thursday, January 27, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Mark Levin: If You Want A Third-World America, Vote For The Democrats

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 • Mark Levin: If You Want A Third-World America, Vote For The Democrats Ian Schwartz
 • DHS Secretary Mayorka Had a Disastrous Meeting with Border Patrol Agents Julio Rosas
 • Tennessee bill would relocate illegal immigrants to Biden’s hometown Heather Hamilton
 • Government Expands List of Unvaccinated Including Medical, Religious Exemptions Fred Lucas
 • Florida Health Officials Call the White House and FDA Liars During Monoclonal Fight CTH
 • Breyer retirement paves way for Biden to nominate first black female justice Kaelan Deese
 • Questioning election integrity is not graded on a curve Jay Caruso
 • Time for another top Democrat to suggest that the midterms might not be legitimate Hot Air
 • Flashback: Liberal Law Profs Note VP Can’t Cast Tiebreaker On SCOTUS Nominations LI


 • How West Virginia Is Standing Up to China-Friendly BlackRock Douglas Blair
 • Justin Trudeau Accuses Freedom Convoy Supporters of Wrongthink CTH
 • Working Class Americans Expect Higher Inflation, Fed Announces March Rate Hike, Economy in Quagmire CTH

Scandal Central

 • John Durham says DOJ watchdog slow to hand over info on Alfa Bank investigation Jerry Dunleavy
 • Peter Schweizer details how the Bidens got $31M from people linked to Chinese intelligence PM
 • Ukraine Government Slamming Biden’s ‘Panic’ Over Russia OAN


 • Justices must end anti-Asian discrimination by colleges Examiner
 • Talk Show Host Bongino Permanently Banned From YouTube Ailan Evans
 • Mark Levin blows up Al Franken to compare America to Germany in the 1930s TNT


 • A Biden Intervention in Ukraine Will Expose American Weakness Kurt Schlichter
 • Biden Admin: Former Trump Iran Envoy Facing ‘Serious and Credible’ Threats WFB
 • The ‘Freedom Rally’ is rolling through Toronto on Thursday. Here’s what you need to know Dorcas Marfo

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • FDA Asks Court to Delay First 55,000 Page Production Until May as Pfizer Moves to Intervene Aaron Siri
 • Shot Goblin Fauci Says Kids 6 Months to 4-Years-Old Will Get Three Shot Series After Political Approval CTH
 • A UK Startup Is Building 200 Flying Taxi Hubs Around the World Vanessa Bates Ramirez


 • Photo Supposedly Showing The F-35C That Fell Into The Sea After Landing Mishap Leaked Online Aviationist
 • ‘Shema Yisrael’ pendants uncovered in Poland’s Sobibor death camp TOI
 • Do You Want To Touch Dieter's Monkey? Hint: NO, You Don’t MOTUS

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