Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Venezuela Warning: CNN Suggests Democrats Take Over Food and Gas Prices

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 • Venezuela Warning: CNN Suggests Democrats Take Over Food and Gas Prices CTH
 • 67% support bill to ban stock trading by members of Congress - But Pelosi says FU Insider
 • Chuck Schumer’s cynical theater of failure Examiner
 • Psaki – Hey, Squirrel! The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming CTH
 • Union Pacific blasts Los Angeles DA for going soft on crime Examiner
 • Larry Elder blasts LA prosecutor following murder in Maxine Waters' neighborhood Fox
 • Avalanche: Biden buries immigration courts with 1.6 million cases amid border crisis Examiner
 • The Border Crisis Is Bad, But In Mexico A Larger Crisis Looms Federalist
 • Biden's Agencies Dodge How Texas Terrorist Was Allowed to Enter U.S. John Binder
 • DOJ Document Show Communications Between FBI & Pfizer about Project Veritas PV
 • Virtue, Liberty, and the Market: What the Left Will Never Understand About Capitalism Richard M. Reinsch II
 • Boycott the Beijing Olympics Brian T. Kennedy


 • Gas Prices on the Rise Again, Biden Corporate Media Concerned About Political Impact CTH
 • Study: School lockdowns imposed devastating consequences on the students who endured it Althouse
 • New trucking vaccine mandate is likely to make fruit and vegetables more expensive MSN

Scandal Central

 • More Trouble for the FBI in the Whitmer Kidnapping Case Julie Kelly
 • Michigan nursing home COVID deaths underreported by 30% under Whitmer Madeleine Hubbard
 • The ‘Civil War’ Psy-Op Michael Anton


 • Biden’s FCC Commissioner Nominee Gigi Sohn Wants To Nuke Right-Leaning Broadcasters From Air Jordan Boyd
 • Probe Clears Law Clerk, Judge in Racism Allegations by Media, House Democrats Fred Lucas
 • Horrifying account detailed by Texas synagogue hostage as the story unfolds Karen Townsend


 • Russian submarine with 160 nukes on board surfaces off US coast Pravda
 • Experts warn Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent Daily Mail
 • Germany Threatens To Halt Nord Stream 2 If Russia Attacks Ukraine ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • New Peer-Reviewed Study: Ivermectin ‘Significantly’ Reduces COVID Hospitalizations and Mortality Debra Heine
 • Herd immunity is over. Long live super-immunity. WSJ
 • Bridge-sized asteroid passing by Earth on Tuesday Asher Notheis


 • This Is The Most Perfect Generational Commentary EVER Amy Jo Clark
 • Skip-A-Roos ~ 1 Woodsterman
 • “Idlers” and Quitters Rule the “Antiwork” Subreddit MOTUS


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