Sunday, January 09, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: The Supreme Court and Congress Humiliate Themselves

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 • The Supreme Court and Congress Humiliate Themselves Clarice Feldman
 • Democratic Governor Calls For Criminalizing “Lying” About Election Results Turley
 • Moderna CEO Says Fourth Booster Shot Needed, Booster Efficacy Drops Over Time CTH
 • Obama Judge Sotomayor ripped for spreading false Covid information David Rutz
 • Hey, Sotomayor: Omicron could be 100 times less deadly than the flu - scientists Daily Mail
 • Rand Paul: 'Is Fauci Advising Justice Sotomayor?' Hannah Bleau
 • A Tale of Two Authoritarians Matt Taibbi
 • Neil Oliver goes there, directly to the epicenter of “build back better” CTH
 • California considering insane plan to double its (already high) taxes Examiner


 • The Progressive Logic of Build Back Better — and Its Dangers Charles Lipson
 • When That Ol’ Mojo Stops Workin’ Kunstler
 • US Is Selling Our Farmland to Chinese Communists M. Dowling

Scandal Central

 • The actual coup began in 2016 and has continued ever since Jack Hellner
 • Obama, Clinton, Winfrey Team Up To Convince Manchin To Kill Filibuster: Report Hank Berrien
 • Tiny Firm with Eight Workers Wants 1,646 H-1Bs — How Does DoL React? David North


 • Gutfeld: Maybe I’m nuts, but did Joe Biden just kind of declare a civil war on America? Vivek Saxena
 • Zuckerberg's 'Report for America' Is a Media Take Over Dressed Up as Philanthropy Victoria Taft
 • The Global Elites are Triggered: Propaganda Institutions Collaborate to Refute “Mass Formation Psychosis” CTH


 • For China and Russia, it's the old rule of realism Daniel DePetris
 • What's Going on in Kazakhstan, and Why Should It Matter to the West? Chris Queen
 • Australian Politician Imposes Lockdown on Unvaccinated Residents: 'Work Is Not a Reason' Madeline Leesman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • How Bad Is the Data on COVID? New Numbers From New York Provide Insight Stacey Lennox
 • Milestone: Over 1M adverse event reports in VAERS from the COVID vaccine Steve Kirsch
 • U.K. Anesthetist to British Health Secretary: Mandatory Vax Make No Sense for Those with Natural Immunity CTH


 • Things to Look For… CTH
 • This Week In Pictures Power Line
 • Everyone Needs A Little More March Madness MOTUS

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