Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Craig -- the Craiglist Founder – Behind Massive Censorship Regime

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 • Carlson On Trump Arrest and 1,000+ Pending Indictments Against J6 Protesters CTH
 • Report: President Trump to be Indicted in Manhattan Tomorrow, Arrested Next Week CTH
 • Craigslist Craig Funded The Censorship-Industrial Complex To Silence Dissent Online Federalist
 • Let's talk about social authoritarianism Tim Urban
 • U.S. Government Collaborates With Big Tech To Censor And Silence One America News OAN
 • Fauci 'Stooges' Now Claim Raccoon Dogs Caused COVID. Virologists Say No WFB
 • Feds Building Vast Surveillance And Censorship Web Around Every American Margot Cleveland
 • Left/Right Alliance Could End Massive Domestic Spying Program Greenwald
 • Matt Gaetz Announces Resolution Dedicated To Stopping FBI HQ Funds Daniel Chaitin


 • Christian who escaped Chinese persecution warns US descending into 'communist-style of governance' Fox
 • Teachers Union Closes L.A. Schools Yet Again Matt Welch
 • French Worker Protests Having Impact CTH

Scandal Central

 • Wow: America First Legal Releases Second Set of Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential Records AFL
 • What Did I Mean By "Virus Communism?" Celia Farber
 • Avenatti says there's no case against Trump Don Surber


 • How Public Schools’ ‘Equity’ Policies Make It Impossible For Students To Succeed Federalist
 • Ron DeSantis rips Trump’s character, chaotic leadership style Piers Morgan
 • It was not a mistake: A video reminding us to not allow a way out for the perpetrators Vlad Tepes


 • China's growing worldwide influence has set off alarm bells, but is anyone listening? Times
 • China firm wins Solomon Islands port project as Australia watches on Al-Reuters
 • US General says Islamic State will be able to attack the US in less than six months Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • "Extraordinary": Labor Data Reveals Shocking Drop In Workplace Attendance Following Vax Campaign ZH
 • The Mask of Ignorance Jeffrey H. Anderson
 • Alpaca AI: Stanford researchers clone ChatGPT AI for just $600 Ameya Paleja


 • Wait people are now saying there might have been a 5th terrorist plane on 9/11?? NTB
 • Here's a hilarious thread of 28 everyday things that have now been labeled racist NTB
 • Tuesday Memes To Get You Through The Day… Feral Irishman

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