Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: D.C. Uniparty wants to use anti-TikTok legislation as Trojan horse for censorship and surveillance

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 • D.C. Uniparty wants to use anti-TikTok bill as Trojan horse for mass surveillance Jordan Schachtel
 • Why patriotism and hope in America are collapsing Hugo Gordon
 • "Something Very Dramatic Changed": Matt Taibbi Says Democrats Ditched Free Speech ZH
 • Out-of-Control US Federal Spending Needs to be Stopped Now! Stuart J. Cvrk
 • The dangerous vacuum around Fetterman's status Salena Zito
 • Liberal WI Supreme Court Nominee Janet Protasiewicz is a Menace to Society WFB
 • Ted Cruz goes scorched earth on Mayorkas for his catastrophe at Southern Border Scoop
 • Nashville Heroes Expose The Lies Of Uvalde Cowards David Haranyi
 • Judge James “Deep State” Boasberg Strikes Again: Rejects Trump’s Executive Privilege Rights CTH


 • Why The ‘#StopWillow’ Movement On TikTok May Be A CCP Influence Campaign Federalist
 • Those EV charging stations are not performing Jazz Shaw
 • The President Who Still Won’t Negotiate WSJ [$]

Scandal Central

 • IRS showed up at home of Twitter files journalist Matt Taibbi the day of his testimony to Congress AWN
 • Jim Jordan: IRS Must Explain "Attempt To Intimidate" Matt Taibbi During Govt Weaponization Hearing ZH
 • Wayne State Professor Suspended For Advocating Murder of Conservative Speakers Turley


 • Hillary Clinton will teach foreign policy ‘decision-making’ course at Columbia Matt Lamb
 • Wall Street Journal Poll Shows Why It’s Too Easy To Hate Your Neighbors Tristan Justice
 • Here is the definitive roundup of the media's despicable reporting after the Nashville shooting NTB


 • Russia continues fighting in Bakhmut, opens new attacks in Avdiivka as tanks arrive in Ukraine John Sexton
 • Ramadan in Belgium: Eight Muslims arrested as police foil jihad massacre plot Robert Spencer
 • Paris Burning Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Elon Musk and top AI researchers call for pause on ‘giant AI experiments’ Verge
 • Nashville Tragedy Shows Why It Isn’t Compassionate To Fuel Mental Illness Federalist
 • New insights into an old drug: Scientists discover why aspirin works so well EurekAlert


 • The Lampoon's Top 15 Gifts for Discerning Children Lampoon
 • Jamie Dimon In Hot-Seat As Sworn Deposition Looms In Epstein Lawsuits ZH
 • Saturday Stupidity, Simpletons & Rude Jokes Filthie's Thunderbox

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