Thursday, March 23, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Legal Scholar: Leaks in DOJ's case against Trump 'make a mockery of the system'

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 • Legal Scholar: Leaks in DOJ's case against Trump 'make a mockery of the system' Fox
 • Manhattan DA Accused Of Concealing Exculpatory Evidence From Grand Jury Kyle Becker
 • Proof that Donald Trump is a Pedophile that worked with Jeffrey Epstein. Dom Lucre
 • Bombshell 2018 Letter Obliterates Pretext of Alvin Bragg Stalking of Donald Trump CTH
 • Bragg Hit the Brakes – Manhattan Grand Jury Delays Indictment of President Trump CTH
 • Biden judicial nominees are a joke David Strom
 • Growing trend: Chinese nationals at the southern border Karen Towsend
 • San Fran Dem: Being robbed by drug addicts is "basic city life experience" Jazz Shaw
 • Record 3,700 antisemitic incidents reported in US in 2022, says ADL TOI


 • Supply-side policies would solve inflation -- without the bank-system damage Mark P. Mills
 • Fed Raises Interest Rates To Highest Levels Since 2007 DC
 • Dear Democrats: Here is Venezuela’s 21st Century Socialism: Ferraris and starving children Babalú Blog

Scandal Central

 • Trump Attorney to Newsmax: Expect More Political Prosecutions NewsMax
 • How a farmer who become a billionaire was first domino that brought down banking giant Credit Suisse Daily Mail
 • ChatGPT 2.0 Is More Powerful And Still Woke, But It Doesn’t Have To Control Us Federalist


 • Hidin' Biden -- by the numbers WFB
 • A USA Today’s ‘Woman Of The Year’ Is A Man Who Dismissed Child Sex Abuse Allegations Against Nonprofit DC
 • AI platform allegedly bans journalist over fake Trump arrest images Ars Technica


 • China criticizes possible U.S. plan to force TikTok sale Times
 • ‘Squad’ Member, Leftist Congressmen Sell Out to China’s TikTok Daniel Greenfield
 • How the Biden Admin Helped a Public University Partner With a CCP-Controlled School WFB

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Get ready for the "Chatbot Lawyer" Volokh
 • Brain-computer Interface Systems: The future is here Robert W Malone
 • ChatGPT Can Save You Hours at Work. Why Are Some Companies Banning It? Lindsay Ellis


 • Capitalism is the Ultimate Form of Humanism
 • Secret Service: No, you're not handcuffing Trump NewsMax
 • Libturd Thursday Morning is Here at Last Woodsterman

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