Sunday, March 21, 2004

Beyond MVC

J2EE Best Practices: Java Design Patterns, Automation, and PerformanceIt is important while we are studying and using MVC that we bear in mind the original purpose of the pattern: to reduce the complexity of user interfaces for a large and complex information system. It was designed for a specific purpose and evolved to meet a specific need.

Dr. Reenskaug's work in MVC has not been abandoned. Earlier this year, he began publishing material on his new MVC pattern language.

Nowhere, ever, in any of his papers was it suggested that the MVC pattern could be used to address the needs of n-tiered workflow processing infrastructures. But here we are, 24 years later, trying to pound in nails with a screwdriver. Despite the careful effort of scientists from Reenskaug's generation, it seems that we've not learned a thing...

Beyond MVC: A New Look at the Servlet Infrastructure

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