Saturday, March 06, 2004

RFID Domain

RFID HandbookIf you're interested in RFID (wireless ID tags), Sean's new blog is concentrating on culling out the most insightful articles on the topic and separating the wheat from the chaff. Wal-Mart and the DOD are two of the largest consumers of RFID. Their entire supply-chains -- and, thus, a heck of a lot of companies -- will be dramatically impacted by the conversion.

The landscape of RFID is fascinating: the possibility of "Jetsons-style" inventory management with no wastage; the potential privacy issues (can someone track your purchases after you leave the store?); the range of technical implementation options. RFIDdomain can hopefully make some sense of these complex issues, rather than just acting as a shill and press release outlet for anyone with an RFID offering.


School of Rock

School of Rock - Widescreen DVDIs it trite to say that this movie ROCKS?

Jack Black's immense comedic and musical talents are brought to the fore in this light, fun-loving romp. Black plays Dewey Finn, an overenthusiastic guitarist who has just been kicked out of his band _and_ threatened with eviction by his roommate's overbearing girlfriend. No doom and gloom for Finn, though, as he sets out to enter the "Battle of the Bands" with a brand new group. But where to find the talent for a new band?

Answering his roommate's phone at the apartment, Finn ends up pretending to be a substitute teacher at a fancy schmancy prep school to earn some cash for his overdue rent. When he discovers that several of his young charges are musical prodigies, he drives them with an all-day curriculum of pure rock education, setting the stage for revenge on his old band. Yes, he plans to enter "Battle of the Bands" with a bunch of 10 year olds as his group.

Formulaic? Yes. Silly? Yes. Will you laugh? Heck, yeah, 'cuz this movie rocks!

School of Rock - Widescreen DVD

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