Monday, March 15, 2004

Rollin' Heat

The Bias Against GunsThe least likely folks might be the first in line to carry concealed weapons, according to this Ohio Beacon Journal article.

One is a fifth-grade teacher, another a stroke victim who walks with a cane. Not exactly the folks you would expect to be packing heat. But both recently took firearms training so they can become eligible to carry a concealed weapon come April.

That's when Ohio's new ``concealed carry'' law takes effect -- for those who qualify and are trained.

It's not surprising that some Ohioans want to carry guns. But it is surprising to shooting instructors just who some of those people are.

Some unlikely candidates are ready to carry firearms

Mobbed Up

Sopranos complete 4th seasonThis is one of the most active Sopranos discussion sites that you'll find. And I had a tough time locating it: 'Sopranos' Forum

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