Wednesday, November 10, 2004

DJ Drummond Slaps Gersh Kuntzman... Twice for Good Measure

Click here for AmazonDJ Drummond pummels Newweek's Gersh Kuntzman, who then attempts to spin his original column as satire... and is finally and thoroughly destroyed. Read all three articles, linked at the bottom.

...To your “fourth reaction", how quaint a notion - that the ideal means for addressing one atrocity, is to accept another immoral alternative. By your logic, then, I suppose we should excuse Hitler, since, after all, he was not only a vegetarian, but a lover of animals and kind to children? Then again, we’ve seen that logic at work, in the excuses the Left makes for Saddam Hussein (mass graves notwithstanding, nor even acknowledged by the Left), while falsely comparing the President to all manner of evil. The Left uses lies and deceit and malice and hatred in their tactics and message, yet claim for all of that to represent the side of tolerance and hope. There may come a day, when the penny will fall, and you guys will finally realize that you not only got caught in your lies, you simply aren’t very good at lying anymore.

To your “fifth reaction", I must say your position is hypocrisy itself. The war is ‘immoral’, hmm? Then explain your silence at those mass graves, at the capture of a half-dozen major terrorist leaders in Iraq, at warehouses full of suicide vests and prisons designed and built specifically to torture children. You’re OK with all that? Leftists wanted America to enter Liberia to help the people suffering there, but not Iraq. You demanded we go to Bosnia to help people being decimated by a madman, but not in Iraq? You are unprincipled thugs, if you really believe that. Instead, I will accept the notion that you are a step or two better - you are willing for America to help nations, but only so long as it advances Liberal causes, and does not annoy the French. The soldiers who actually went to Iraq overwhelmingly support the President. I guess that doesn’t count to the Left. After all, you don’t want their votes counted, so it’s no shock you want to ignore the men themselves. All that Honor, that History, that Discipline, it must give Michael Moore the heebie-jeebies just thinking about Marines helping Iraqi children go to free schools, making it possible for Iraqi and Afghan women to vote for the first time ever, that (sacre bleu!) Democratic Republics might exist in the Arab world!

Tough. It’s happening, and one of these days maybe you’ll grow up, figure out why 'Semper Fi' is so proudly held by so many, and you might even show some respect to men in uniform, instead of a few selected martinets willing to betray their buddies for an office and a spotlight.

Welcome to America, trolls. That motion sickness you feel is not from injustice, but from the nation moving ahead and leaving you behind. If you want to catch up, you need to grow up, first.

Kuntzman's original article, DJ Drummond's thrashing of him and then, ultimately, flooring him for good measure

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