Sunday, November 07, 2004

No sh*t

Click here for AmazonHollywood is licking its wounds after an election that saw voters not only reject the candidate it anointed -- Democrat John Kerry -- but repudiate the values that the liberal stronghold cherishes.

Now, amid the second-guessing and recriminations that inevitably haunt the losing side, some are beginning to ask: Has Hollywood become a liability to the Democrats?

Political analysts said that polarizing figures such as Michael Moore -- whose "Fahrenheit 9/11" documentary bitterly attacked President Bush -- alienated Middle America as much as they galvanized the faithful.

"There's no question that some Republican voters feel pistol-whipped by famous people getting involved in presidential elections," said Jonathan Wilcox, who teaches a course on celebrity and society at the University of Southern California.

He said Hollywood rhetoric, such as comments attributed to the singer Cher suggesting Republican right wingers would force gays to live in a single state, showed "a degree of dialogue that goes beyond political license."...

Post-Election, Hollywood Seen as Liability to Left

Electoral County Map, Redux

We've probably all seen the electoral county map that shows the blue and red counties... but my guess is you probably haven't seen the population-adjusted version.

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