Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Honor Killings

Click here for AmazonFrom Terrorism Unveiled (Hat tip: Polipundit)... a haunting review of the egregious and barbaric practice of "Honor Killing" prevalent in certain cultures. I'll let you figure out for yourself exactly who the culprits are.

To kill a girl because she has sex is quite sickening, especially when the guy is deemed as only giving into the girl’s "seductions."

It’s even worse when the person who chooses to kill the girl is her father, brother or uncle. I guess it reminds me of the passage in the Bible where Jesus rescues the woman who is about to be stoned and says "he who is without sin cast the first stone."

When a family learns that the girl has threatened their "honor" in the community, they discuss this without the girl’s presence, even with the mother, and they just "know" that the girl has to be killed in order to regain their standing in the community—even though the community may not know about the relationship. It’s not even a choice, but a duty.

The mother knows this is the fate for her daughter, and even agrees to it, sometimes choosing the manner in which she will die…perhaps being burned alive, her throat cut, stoned or clubbed to death.

The family leaves the house, and the person who is chosen to kill her comes in and does it as the family is away so there are no witnesses. The whole community knows of the killing and accepts the family into the community with open arms because they have wiped their slate clean with the blood of their child.

Today I was visiting the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan and my roommate, we’ll call here Sally, went with me because she had to meet with the same professor as I.

She started crying in the taxi on the way back home telling me about her experience the other night with her Jordanian boyfriend, we’ll call him Malik...

Read the whole thing.

Terrorism Unveiled: Honor Killings

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