Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Click here for AmazonI'd like to extend a sincere, heartfelt thanks to John Kerry for his gracious concession. That was a classy move and one I'm sure was disputed by some of his staff. Well done.

The real losers in this election? Three that I can think of.

1) The mainstream media. Despite their best efforts, the shameless, de facto mouthpieces of the left have just been slam-dunked into oblivion. The catastrophic circulation numbers of the LA Times and the SF Chronicle are simply the harbringers of the new reality: middle America doesn't believe what Dan Rather and Peter Jennings have to say. Middle America doesn't care about CBS or ABC or CNN. Middle America gets its real news from other outlets: talk radio, the blogosphere, Fox.

Middle America didn't believe the Rathergate forgeries, the consecutive Bush hit pieces from 60 Minutes, the skewed exit polls, and all of the other egregious displays on non-journalism.

Middle America ignored the mainstream media when it counted most. Could it be because no one in the MSM pressed John Kerry about his twenty years in the Senate or his failure to sign a Form 180? That no one had the guts to ask Kerry about his secret mission to Cambodia and the CIA man's magic hat? That no one had the fortitude to ask about his discharge from the Navy? That no one had the courage to ask Kerry about the Swiftboat Veterans' charges -- virtually all of which appear to be factual?

See ya', mainstream media. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

2) The Hollywood & Soros left. Anyone wondering what George Soros wanted for his $25 million (or whatever it was) investment? Anyone wondering what "star power" does for a campaign? Anyone wondering if the "heart and soul of America" really is Hollywood?

Here's a simple equation for the Democratic party: the center = votes. You can't sell out the military during wartime and expect to win. The Hollywood left can now, officially, go pound sand. Or catch a first-class flight to Belgium with Johnny Dep and Alec Baldwin.

As for George Soros: that squealing you just heard is all you need to know. Setting that much money on fire, with no visible return on investment, hurts anyone... even Soros. You may want to put some ice on your bum to relieve the burn, George.

3) Jacque Chirac and Kofi Annan. Two words: s*ck it. Corrupt, lying weasels.


Winners? How about Zell Millers and Ed Kochs of the world? These are loyal, yet disenfranchised Democrats who watched with concern and dismay as their party got hijacked. I foresee a pitched battle inside the Democratic party. No matter the outcome, the centrists will have a much bigger voice.


Thanks to everyone that voted.

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