Friday, June 25, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: American citizens are being tortured right now within five miles of the White House

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American citizens are being tortured now within 5 miles of the White House: McBride
BLM Protesters Commit Arson Attack on South Carolina Police Station after Arrest: HE
FBI tears innocent New Yorker’s life into shreds after Jan. 6: Devine: Miranda Devine

Charlie Kirk: Tyrants Want to Overturn Our Constitutional Rights: ET
As Expected Political Pelosi Announces 1/6 Committee to Support Midterm Elections: CTH
Pennsylvania Senate Passes Constitutional Amendment Requiring Voter ID For All Ballots: ET

The Systemic Con Behind Wokeism: Victor Davis Hanson
Rep. “Himmler” Tlaib: Opposition to Critical Race Theory Is ‘Racism’: Mary Margaret Olohan
Black Extremist Shoots Daytona Cop In The Head As DOJ, FBI Focus on White Threat: InfLib

Affidavits Raise More Questions About FBI’s Role in Trump Probe: Lee Smith
Champlain Towers Collapse, Surfside, FL: Unknown Number of Fatalities, 99 Missing: CTH
See before and after photos of Florida condo building collapse: NBCCP


Biden Says He Won’t Sign Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Without Reconciliation: ET
Infrastructure is far from done ‘deal’: Susan Ferrechio
Biden DOJ Backs Trump-Era Approval of Line 3 Pipeline Opposed by Climate Nuts: ET

Understanding How Illegal Immigrants Fly to New Homes in America: Fred Lucas
Hospitals not complying with Obamacare price transparency rules: David Hogberg
‘Enough is Enough’: Los Angeles Sheriff Urges State of Emergency on Homelessness: ET

Scandal Central

NIH Deleted Data on Early Wuhan COVID Cases at Request of Chinese Researchers: Caroline Downey
Fauci resisted Trump directive to cancel virus research grant linked to Wuhan lab, new book says: Nicholas Sherman
NY Supreme Court Suspends Giuliani’s Law License While 2 Terrorist-Lawyers Still Have Licenses: Jack Phillips

'No business doing that': Wis. official says Zuckerberg-funded group seized control of 2020 election: JTN
'Huge victory': Judge names members of Fulton election board in lawsuit; ballot audit will proceed: Daniel Payne
Judge Delivers Ruling in Fulton County, Georgia, Ballot Audit: CTH


Which Is The Real Party Of Racism?: I & I
Finally covering the story on COVID drug treatments that I wasn’t allowed to air on FOX: Ivory Hecker
Republicans seek apology for yell of ‘racist’ during critical race theory questioning: Emily Brooks


Iran poised to return to global oil markets if Biden revives nuclear deal: Josh Siegel
The Best of Times and Worst of Times in Hong Kong. The CCP’s Contradictory Regime.: Alexander Liao
US, Germany confront rising anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial: Post

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New Type of Prehistoric Human Discovered in Israel: Homo Nesher Ramla: Ariel David
There Is Only One Other Planet In Our Galaxy That Could Be Earth-Like, Say Scientists: Jamie Carter
Combing Through the Science of COVID-19: Conan Milner


South African brothers disappear along with $3.6 billion in Bitcoin: Chris Morris
'You'll Never Beat Government With Just Guns’ (And Capitol Nearly Toppled By Unarmed Mob On 1/6): Babylon Bee
Some How. Some Way.: MOTUS

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