Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: As Rebellion Against Critical Race Theory Grows, Left Turns to Denial, Dismissal

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Amazon and The Wires of War: Technology and the Global Struggle for Power, by Jacob Helberg
As Rebellion Against Critical Race Theory Grows, Left Turns to Denial: Jarrett Stepman
The Biden No-Go Zones: Victor Davis Hanson
Democrats Are Turning ‘Homeland Security’ Into A Political Weapon: Bob Anderson

Mark Levin: Marxism is surrounding us: Fox
One-third says Biden won ‘only due to voter fraud,’ 80% want voter ID: Paul Bedard
President Trump Extensive Interview With David Brody: “I Have Not Conceded”: CTH

Sen. Whitehouse (D): My All-White Beach Club Is Simply ‘Tradition’: Federalist
Cali Finally Admits Trump Was Right, To Spend $500M On Clearing Forests: Daily Mail
Mob cheers as white woman savagely beaten at Juneteenth ‘celebration’: LET

Pennsylvania Senate Inches Closer Toward Maricopa County-Style Election Audit: ET
Federal Appeals Court Blocks Judge’s Ruling Striking Down Assault Weapons Ban: ET
A Hope and Prayer for the Biden Administration: Conrad Black


Why Everything They Said About Solar Was Wrong: Michael Shellenberger
74 Million People Now On Government Medicaid Dole: WZ
The Higher Education Bubble Has Popped: Rikki Schlott

Scandal Central

Lab Lies: A Conflict of Interest for Dr. Daszak: Human Events
Chinese Academy of Science Nominates Wuhan Virology Lab For Prestigious 2021 Scientific Achievement Prize: CTH
Public Broadcasting Writer Reveals More Chain of Custody Document Discrepancies in Fulton County: GSN

Obama: Democrat industrialized vote fraud bill must pass before next election: The Shill
Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Provides and Update on the Maricopa Audit Disinformation From Media: CTH
Georgia Judge Hears Motions on Atlanta Area Audit of 147,000 Absentee Ballots, Decision Pending: CTH


Race-Baiting Media Say Parent Anger at CRT is Right Wing AstroTurf; John Spiropoulos Destroys Them: CTH
A Storm Is Brewing: Project Veritas, Another Reporter Speaks Out Against Their Network: Jack Posobiec
Granddaughter of legendary singer Nina Simone says Kamala Harris bullied her mother to 'almost killing herself': PM

Today’s blacklisted American: International food festival bans Israeli vendor for being Jewish: Robert Zimmerman
German Media Giant’s Message To Employees: Find A New Job If You’re Anti-Israel: Ryan Saavedra
Soros wades into reparations issue as donor: Tori Richards


Who is Ebrahim Raisi, the new president of the regime ruling Iran?: Heshmat Alavi
A Clockwork Jihadi: Roland Elliott Brown
Putin Is Rolling in Money Thanks to Biden's Move Against American Energy: WJ

Exclusive: Nellis Air Force Base Hosts 'First-Ever' Drag Queen Show: Kristina Wong
US Navy's new $166B submarine fleet hobbled by faulty parts wearing out decades too early: Daily Mail
Singapore Becomes Latest Country to Cast Doubt on China’s COVID-19 Vaccines: ET

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Sweden’s no lockdown covid response is often called an “experiment”: This is utterly false: Team Sweden
Reports: Plexiglass does nothing; masks carry diseases; lockdowns destroyed 40% of all small businesses: BTB
World Health Organization Now Says Children Should Not Be Vaccinated; Reports of J&J Vaccine Recalled: CTH


17 Things Every Military Spouse Learns When they Have a Baby: Rebecca Bender
The Great Reset of America Has Already Come: NC Renegade
Summer Enlightenment: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

RE: "Why Everything They Said About Solar Was Wrong: Michael Shellenberger", the Harvard Business Review article cited does indeed paint a gloomy forecast of the amount of currently difficult to recycle waste created by solar panels and wind turbine blades (and, not mentioned, all those lithium batteries).

But, true to form and in keeping with the mantra, the final paragraph says it MUST be done and all be worth it because it isn't "fossil fuels".