Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Tucker Outlines Biden Administration Logistic Program to Facilitate Southern Border Invasion

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Tucker Outlines Joebama Program to Facilitate Southern Border Invasion: CTH
The Concierge of Decline: Paige Willey
Do Democrats want to combat political violence or just wave the bloody flag?: Examiner

Celebrating Founding Fathers Is ‘Structural Racism,’ National Archives Says: Jarrett Stepman
Big Salaries at Conservation Group Created by Congress Raise Eyebrows: Kevin Mooney
Amid Surging Crime And Murders, Oakland City Council To Defund Police: Audrey Unverferth

Virginia Student Records Teacher Manipulating Lesson to Force Critical Race Theory: CTH
L.A. Compliance Ministry Restarts Masking Requirements for New Delta Variant: CTH
California: Try not to recharge your electric cars, folks: Jazz Shaw

Rand Paul Blows Up Another Fauci Claim, This Time on the Delta Variant: Katie Pavlich
Gov. Lujan Grisham killed 40% of NM small businesses with lockdowns: John Block
Florida, Iowa, and Nebraska Police Reinforcements Deploy to West Texas Border: Breitbart


Walmart Unveils Low-Price Insulin as More Diabetics Struggle to Pay: Melissa Repko
The New Silk Road: A Special Report: CoinDesk
Microsoft’s shadowy presence in antitrust push is angering the rest of Big Tech: Jon Swartz

Scandal Central

Tucker Carlson Says the NSA Is Spying on Him. Sadly, It’s Plausible: David Harsanyi
NSA denies leaking scheme to take Tucker Carlson off the air: Jeremy Beaman
NSA Responds to Carlson Claim of Surveillance: Its Very Political Non-Denial Should Alarm Everyone: CTH

Wuhan Alum Pushing ‘Natural Origins’ Theory Now Works At Lab Funded By China And TikTok: Pulse
GOP Congressman Paul Gosar to Appear With Holocaust Denier Nick Fuentes at Fundraiser: Ben Cohen
Flashback: I Saw Provocateurs At The Capitol Riot On Jan. 6: J. Michael Waller


Andy Ngo is the latest conservative voice to be CANCELED by Big Tech: Daily Mail
Boring news cycle deals blow to partisan media: Haxios
President Trump Spokesperson Liz Harrington Responds to Bill Barr Recent Statements: CTH

'Right Wing Watch' Tried to Get Conservatives De-Platformed but Then Something Amazing Happened: RS
CNN, MSNBC’s ratings collapse due to ‘serious credibility problem’ covering Biden, experts say: Brian Flood
Transgender woman is crowned Miss Nevada USA: Sara Carter


Deep inside China’s perfect surveillance state: Andrew Salmon
China’s Military Biowarfare Program Involved In COVID-19 Accesses Skills And Funding From The US: NoisyRm
HK media erase their archives amid rising arrests: AT

Amazon: Jihad Doesn’t Mean Terrorism: Daniel Greenfield
Iranian-backed militias shell U.S. base in Syria: WIN
Mozambique: Muslims hunt Christians door-to-door: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The rapid rise of the Delta variant and how it is shaping Singapore’s COVID-19 fight: Channel News Asia
Trump COVID testing czar testifies coronavirus most likely originated in Wuhan lab: Jerry Dunleavy
Is Iceland the tip of a secret sunken continent?: Daily Mail


Meet the Man Building an Anti-Gravity Device, and the Alien God That Inspired Him: The Debrief
“Nobody Ever Forgot My Grandma’s Guano”: Earl of Taint
This Pepperidge Farm Memory Was Brought To You By The “Big Guy”: MOTUS

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