Thursday, June 24, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: The DeSantis doctrine

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The DeSantis doctrine: Amber Athey
Amazon Spending Thousands Promoting Hatred of Whites in Virginia Schools: Eric Lendrum
National Guard may cancel training if not reimbursed for $521M DC deployment: A. Mahshie

Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacks 'Commies' Who Supported Voting Rights Bill: Ewan Palmer
San Francisco Is Most Racist City in America, According to Critical Race Theory: Conn Carroll
Gen. Mark Milley --- The Chairman of The Joint Chiefs --- is a Political Operative: CTH

The Republic Is Preserved – But The Democrats Will Try Insurrection Again: I&I
“Governor” Newsom Still Lying About Wildfires, Says… NPR: Michael Shellenberger
Huge Emergency Operation Under Way After Building Collapse in Miami: ET

Biden Backs Gun Control, Not Defunding Police, in New Executive Actions: Fred Lucas
Jibberish Joe Plan on Inner-City Crime Eliminates Gang Access to F-15 Jets and Nukes: CTH
GOP Senator John Cornyn Negotiating Amnesty Deal with Democrats: John Binder


The Right and Left Are Both Wrong on Immigration. Here's What We Need: Joel Kotkin
Florida Makes Sure Schools Teach Evils of Communism, Totalitarianism: Jarrett Stepman
Amazon Smiles Charity Blocks Conservatives, Allows Satan Worshippers: NewBusters

Scandal Central

Biden tries to turn domestic security into partisan witch hunt: Examiner
How the European Union Could Soon Force America into the ‘Great Reset’ Trap: Justin Haskins
We Can't Let the Psycho Marxist Democrats Win the Critical Race Theory Fight: Stephen Kruiser

China Deleted COVID19 Data From Earliest Patients, American Professor Recovers Archive Copy: HE
Footage of Bats Kept in Wuhan Lab Fuels Scrutiny Over Its Research: ET
Hillary Clinton Privately Warned France that Wuhan P4 Lab May Lead to Bioweapon Research: Jack Posobiec


Physicist to Tucker Carlson: Climate Change Is 'Fiction of the Media,' Not an 'Existential Threat': WJ
Kamala Harris Announces Border Visit Just Days Before President Trump Event: CTH
John Lott 'disappointed and upset' after gun control group dupes him into speaking at fake graduation: Jake Dima

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes calls for jailing those who question the 2020 election results: Francis P. Sempa
Survey, 55 Percent of American Voters Support Election Audits, Including 57 Percent of Independents: CTH
John McAfee Found Dead in Spanish Jail While Awaiting Extradition to the U.S. on Sketchy Securities Charges: CTH


How China Spreads Its Propaganda Version of Life for Uyghurs: ProPublica
US Disagrees With Germany on Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, Seeing It as ‘Threat to Europe’s Energy Security’: ET
US, Europe, Japan, and Taiwan Stress Tech Supply Chain Partnership at Transnational Forum: ET

Italy: City on French border suffers daily Muslim migrant violence: JihadWatch
Honduran president to inaugurate new embassy in Jerusalem Thursday: TOI
John McAfee died by suicide in Spanish prison cell, attorney says: Kaelan Deese

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Interview: Marc Andreessen, VC and tech pioneer: Noah Smith
Fauci declares delta variant ‘greatest threat’ to the nation’s efforts to eliminate Covid: CNBC
Fasten Your Seatbelts: Here Come the COVID-19 Vaccine Lawsuits: Jennifer Oliver O'Connell


Huge Spike In Americans Buying F-15s After Biden Says You'll Need Them To Overthrow Government: Babylon Bee
PJW On Lingerie: Diogenes
I Blame Guns: MOTUS

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