Friday, June 11, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 06.11.21: "Yo, Spiccoli, Where We Supposed To Store All The Dead Batteries?" Edition

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commoncents said...

FOX NEWS VIDEO: Tucker: Latin Americans tell Kamala Harris to 'buzz off'

Радомир Эра said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, so many links of Savant Joe do not work now, but I remember they gave Carmello the shaft and then she said, "don't come, don't come".
Some things never change.

MMinWA said...

Oh man, that date with the gorgeous gal was going so great, the dinner and conversation were sparkling and I was already...ummm...thinking ahead when her false teeth fell into the dessert.

That's the analogy I'll make about todays' Top 20. Great lineup, nice variety until...Captain Obvious letting us know he's caught up to the news cycle from last year.

Irrelevant doesn't begin to describe him.

MichiganCPA said...

#20: The Leftist media hacks like to point out that gas prices are only 7% more than two years ago prices. True that but two years ago household median incomes were 15% higher (before government gifts), middle and lower income earners were prospering and almost fully employed, CPI was at record lows across the board, etc. That "ONLY 7% more" is a big deal when your income is 12% less and everything else is 5% more. Sounds a little elitist for the media mavens who either don't have cars or make so much money that another $50 a month for fuel isn't a big deal.