Friday, February 11, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: CNN Poll Shows Team Obama Has Pushed Disposable Joe Biden into the Political Furnace

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 • CNN Poll Shows Team Obama Has Pushed Disposable Biden into Political Furnace CTH
 • Omicron, Not Biden, Is Ending the Pandemic PJM
 • Tucker Notes Success of Trucker Protest and Hypocritical Political Reply CTH
 • As Crime Skyrockets, Democrat Ilhan Omar Still Wants to Defund the Police Robert Spencer
 • Democrats Conveniently ‘Done’ With Covid Just In Time For 2022 Midterms Eddie Scarry
 • Republicans concerned about odd Stanford law prof tapped to draw CT redistricting map Fox
 • Biden's Afghanistan Debacle Looks Worse and Worse David Harsanyi
 • Stuck In Ukraine? You’re Screwed! Joe Pags
 • If DC Fears Trump, He Deserves Four More Years J.B. Shurk


 • Suffer like it's 1982 — Bidenflation the worst in 40 years Examiner
 • Biden’s New Energy Department Pick Is His Most Outrageous and Appalling Yet Robert Spencer
 • It’s a Bad Idea to Tap Medicare to Bail Out Postal Service Robert Moffit

Scandal Central

 • Newly Documents Reveal Previously Secret CIA Bulk Collection of Americans’ Data Ron Wyden
 • Senators raise alarm about secret CIA data-collection program Ryan King
 • Biden administration is taking an alarming step into the totalitarian playbook: D'Souza Fox
 • Nationwide Battle Escalates Over Private Millions Bankrolling Public Elections Steve Miller
 • Cop Beats Unconscious, Dying, Female Trump Supporter; Probe Deems It 'Objectively Reasonable' PJM
 • The Pentagon’s response to the explosive DOD medical data is an even bigger story than the data Daniel Horowitz


 • "Blue Anon" Says Russia Is Responsible For Every Problem And If You Doubt It You're A Russian Asset Tim Hains
 • Former Obama official encourages arrests and tire-slashing to punish Canada protesters Julia Johnson
 • Biden Economics Has Hit MSNBC Hard, Progressive Panel Now Admits Inflation Bad and “Will Get Worse” CTH


 • The Outlier: What if Putin’s Real Target isn’t Ukraine? CipherBrief
 • Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Government Cannot Defeat This Movement, They Know it CTH
 • Ontario Court Freezes Access to GiveSendGo Crowdfunding for Freedom Convoy; GiveSendGo Says No CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • European scientists announce ‘major breakthrough’ on nuclear fusion energy Breanne Deppisch
 • CDC Struggles to Maintain Public Trust, Leader of House Doctors Caucus Says Fred Lucas
 • Massive crime spike stems from social unrest, COVID lockdowns destabilizing communities: expert Fox


 • Enes Kanter Freedom Gets Traded To The Rockets And Waived David Hookstead
 • Happy Fun Friday All Woodsterman
 • Let’s Go Brandon: Episode #386 MOTUS


Average Joe Bro said...

Pretends-ident Biden's upcoming State of the Union speech will be a self pontificating delusional ode to his first year in office, his disastrous handling of Covid and his destruction of the U.S. economy - and why we should be thankful...

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