Saturday, February 26, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Memo sent to CBP agents on southern border asks for volunteers to go to… Poland’s border

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 • CBP agents on southern border asked for volunteers to go to… Poland’s border Karen Townsend
 • DOJ Ends Trump-Era China Initiative Program To Fight Espionage OAN
 • A Global Pandemic of Lies Carina Benton
 • Of Course Putin Invaded Ukraine Under Biden’s Watch Josh Hammer
 • Russia Threatens To Take Military Action Against Two More European Nations Ryan Saavedra
 • The Ruling Class Is A Far Greater Threat To Americans Than Russia Is Christopher Bedford
 • Biden Selects Jackson for Supreme Court From Left-Wing Donor ‘Shortlist’ Fred Lucas
 • Bill Gates Writes a Giant Check to Choke the Capitalism and Racism of… Math Alex Parker
 • Two new polls give Biden 'rock-bottom numbers' John Sexton


 • Makes No Tents: Democrat Bill Would Make Maryland Tent Cities Permanent. DrillDown
 • SWIFT: What is it and why does Ukraine want to ban Russia from using it? Tom Bateman
 • 2022 Index of Economic Freedom Heritage

Scandal Central

 • Ooops: Pfizer is Funding Facebook’s Fact-Checking Partner Natalie Winters
 • NY Times: U.S. Intel Agencies Spent Three Months Seeding Information Into Russia Through China CTH
 • Hillary Clinton Calls for Third Parties To Lead the United States Military Into a Hot War Against Russia CTH


 • My Last 24 Hours in Kyiv Vladislav Davidzon
 • CNN Probe Finds Allison Gollust Assisted Chris Cuomo in His Efforts to Help Andrew Cuomo WSJ
 • Here it is! The worst take on Russia and Ukraine you'll see today! NTB


 • Long story short: I just walked to Poland… UkraineLive2022
 • Even as Russian tanks roll toward Kyiv, the US is still buying a lot of Russian oil John Sexton
 • Pompeo: Russia Invaded Ukraine Because Biden Didn’t Show Trump’s Resolve Fred Lucas
 • Here Is Why Iran's Mullahs Are Excited About Biden's Nuclear Deal Majid Rafizadeh
 • Reports: “Two Russian Il-76s Shot Down” in Ukraine, Combat Erupts in Kyiv Aviationist
 • Chechen special forces 'hunters' are unleashed in Ukraine to detain or kill Kyiv officials Daily Mail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Science changing? CDC to finally "loosen" mask guidelines ... after Dem governors bail Ed Morrissey
 • Russia Sanctions May Spark Escalating Cyber Conflict Krebs
 • Should bike helmets be compulsory? TNW


 • The Great American Okie Doke CTH
 • Convertible With The Top Down Seen Driving On Route 2 During Snowstorm CBS Boston
 • Everything’s Under Control; No Need To Call For Batman MOTUS


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