Friday, February 04, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: US Army Will Discharge Unvaccinated Soldiers

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 • US Army Will Discharge Unvaccinated Soldiers Jack Kerley
 • U.S. Senator Ray Lujan Suffers Stroke, Creates Issue for Biden and Democrat Agenda CTH
 • Mark Levin Says Dems Knew 'Damn Well' Biden Was Unfit for Presidency Matt Margolis
 • The US Public Health Response has been a Colossal Failure Robert W. Malone
 • WA Governor's Plot to Criminalize Election Fraud Complaints Moves Forward PJM
 • Truckers are starting a working-class revolution — and the left hates it Glenn Reynolds
 • Stanford Doctor Lays Out What He Believes Is The Fauci ‘Playbook’ For Silencing Dissent DC
 • Just how frail is Joe Biden? Andrea Widburg
 • Kamala Harris’ woes continue as Dems flirt with booting VP from 2024 ticket Jack Walters


 • Oil terminals disrupted after European ports hit by cyberattack EuroNews
 • COVID-19 school closures led to boom of support for school choice Jeremiah Poff
 • Some liberal cities look to end vaccine and mask mandates as opposition grows Sarah Westwood

Scandal Central

 • Marc Elias Makes Millions Off Democratic Gerrymandering Efforts WFB
 • What You Need To Know About Alex “Porky” Vindman’s Lawsuit Against Trump Officials Margot Cleveland
 • Exclusive: Trump on Durham Probe: ‘I Hear There’s a Lot Coming’ ET


 • NY Mag: Come on, why is Zucker *really* leaving? Ed Morrissey
 • Pelosi Warns Olympic Athletes against Protesting China at Beijing Games NRO
 • We Need More Suave Conservatives Who Can And Will Call Out Corrupt Media’s B.S. Jordan Boyd


 • Putin to visit Xi Jinping to strengthen ties against the west Jazz Shaw
 • Pelosi Warns Athletes Not to Anger Chinese Authorities During Olympics Liz Sheld
 • China’s Olympic tyranny Examiner

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • The CDC is finally recognizing 'natural immunity' — legislators should follow suit The Shill
 • North Korea Hacked Him. So He Took Down Its Internet Andy Greenberg
 • A Prescription for Transforming the CDC Paul Mango


 • 9 Responses You Should Use When The Mask Police Come For You Tristan Justice
 • The Beat(ing) Goes On Stilton’s Place
 • Throwback Thursday: A Little Orwellian Makeover MOTUS

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