Friday, February 25, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Del Rio, Texas is new center of border crisis with 31,000 migrants stopped in January

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 • Del Rio is new center of border crisis with 31,000 migrants stopped in January Anna Giaritelli
 • Oakland mayor admits campaign to defund police 'went too far' Elizabeth Faddis
 • Ted Cruz Warns of Battle Between Power and Liberty Fred Lucas
 • “Top 10” Follies of the Western Ruling Class During my Adult Life Carlo Lancellotti
 • Biden and the Western alliance wobble on Russia sanctions Tom Rogan
 • Biden's foreign policy failures poised to define presidency Naomi Lim
 • Mark Levin: Here's why Ukraine gave up its nukes — and why it matters to America Blaze
 • How the US should respond to Putin's outrage Examiner
 • CPAC kickoff in shadow of Ukraine invasion underlines foreign policy divisions Emily Brooks


 • Blinken: We're Not Halting Gas and Oil Purchases from Russia Because We're Trying to Minimize 'Pain to Us' Ian Hanchett
 • Are Canadian Banks About to be Massively Sued? SDA
 • Hawley Calls for US to ‘Shut Down Russia’s Energy Production’ Mary Margaret Olohan

Scandal Central

 • The Case Against Trump (Predictably) Collapses In Manhattan Gregg Jarrett
 • Kerry: I sure hope Putin remains a partner for climate change Ed Morrissey
 • In Continuation of Obama Legacy, Biden Presides Over Russian Invasion of Ukraine Andrew Stiles


 • Note to Readers, on the Invasion of Ukraine Matt Taibbi
 • Report: The Chickens Come Home to Roost for Chris Wallace Sister Toldjah
 • You Awake Now, Joe? WH Press Hammer Biden as Russia Invades Curtis Houck


 • Putin Goes All-in Beyond Eastern Ukraine, Tactically Appearing to Advance for All Ukraine CTH
 • Biden's 'bystander in chief' approach to Ukraine may embolden China in attacking Taiwan; expert warns Fox
 • Russia-Ukraine war: Biden promise to restore world order collapses as global chaos reigns Fox

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Fresh lab leak fears as study finds genetic code in Covid's spike protein linked to Moderna patent Daily Mail
 • CDC Expected to Drop Mask Guidance That Nobody Pays Attention To CTH
 • Hacking collective Anonymous appears to declare war on Putin after Russia invades Ukraine Paul Best


 • Ukrainian defenders tell Russian warship ‘go f*** yourself’ before death on Snake Island: Report Mike Brest
 • Fun Friday Sounds Good To Me Woodsterman
 • Throwback Thursday: Romp ‘em, Stomp ‘em Edition MOTUS


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