Saturday, February 10, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: The Coming 2024 Leftist Election Grift

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 • The Coming 2024 Leftist Election Grift Daniel Street
 • Barack Obama Joe Biden Keeps Rewarding the Terrorists David Harsanyi
 • White House Takes Heat for Courting Pro-Hamas Activist Free Beacon
 • Eventful Events Kunstler
 • Here Are the Worst Lies From Biden’s Speech Matt Margolis
 • Why Obama Biden Is Threatening to Veto Aid to Israel David Harsanyi
 • The Obama 'Nudge Unit' Rides Again Robert L. Kinney III
 • Solidarity CTH
 • Hawley Presses Garland: 'Either Charge the President' or Tell Biden Cabinet to Invoke 25th Amendment Mike Miller


 • Treasury Dept. Admits to Using Political Search Terms to Surveil Citizens' Bank Transactions Ward Clark
 • Number of New Government Jobs Spikes to New Record as Federal Debt Soars Will Kessler
 • A Remedial Lesson for Mark Cuban in Civil Rights Law, ‘Diversity’ and Discrimination GianCarlo Canaparo / Zack Smith

Scandal Central

 • White House Reportedly Pressured Hur Behind Scenes To Take Out Passages On Biden’s Memory Lapses DC
 • Either Biden Is An ‘Elderly Man With A Poor Memory,’ Or He Needs To Be Charged. Pick One. David Harsanyi
 • Explosive Report: Biden Frustrated Garland Didn't 'Move Sooner' on Trump Election Interference Case Sister Toldjah


 • Turley Lays Out ‘Serious Problem’ He Has With Biden’s Classified Docs Report DC
 • Democrat insiders panic, want to replace Joe Biden, 81, at DNC convention with Ghetto Gavin Newsom Daily Mail
 • Elder Abuse: How Jill Biden scolded White House aides after one of Joe's gaffe-filled press conferences Daily Mail


 • Biden’s and Blinken’s words do real harm Jonathan S. Tobin
 • U.S. Asset or U.S. Adversary? Why Qatar Looks Worryingly Like Both Thanks to Obama’s Third Term RCI
 • Hamas Patron Qatar Has Spent $6 Billion Lobbying the U.S. Government and Funding Universities Free Beacon


 • Embalmers Continue to See White, Fibrous Blood Clots in the Bodies of Vaccine Recipients Debra Heine
 • Quick Update Regarding Sundance… CTH
 • US Army Cancels FARA Helicopter Program Despite Spending $2B Defense Post


 • So, Basically, We Are On Our Own... It's Only A Matter of Time... Feral Irishman
 • Friday Meme Overflow-Overflow Granite Grok
 • The Week in Pictures: Dementia Joe Edition Power Line

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Some people think that we can take back the country by voting out the current regime.

People who are awake fully understand that we didn't vote it in.