Thursday, February 29, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Obama’s CIA Asked Foreign Intel Agencies to Spy on Trump Campaign

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 • Obama’s CIA Asked Foreign Intel Agencies to Spy on Trump Campaign Robert Chernin
 • Judge Engoron Goes Medieval on Trump With A Bill of Attainder Spectator
 • Strategery – Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Says He’s Stepping Down in November CTH
 • Is Biden Out of the Loop on Israel-Hamas Negotiations? Jazz Shaw
 • The Fani Willis Saga: Cast and Characters Declassified
 • More Election Rigging: Biden Admin Now Using Financial Aid to Pay Students to Aid Voting David Strom
 • Trump Removed From Illinois Ballot DC
 • Good Riddance To Mitch McConnell: A List Of GOP Senate Chief’s Worst Blunders In Leadership Federalist
 • Supreme Court Case Has Implications for Elon Musk’s Subpoena Fight With SEC Zack Smith


 • American Paralysis and Decline Victor Davis Hanson
 • Some Parts of America Still Work, In Spite of Democrats’ Best Efforts Instapundit
 • Michigan Takes a U-Turn Back to the Rust Belt Stephen Moore

Scandal Central

 • Hunter Biden Lashes Out at ‘MAGA-Motivated’ Impeachment Investigation Fred Lucas
 • Illegal Immigrant with Lengthy Rap Sheet Arrested in Maryland Sanctuary County for Allegedly Murdering Two-Year-Old NRO
 • Report: FBI Plans To Arrest Blaze Media Reporter Without Telling Him What Charges He’s Facing Federalist


 • Media Brags About Deep State Plot To Stop Trump Shane Harris
 • Mainstream Media is Lying About Gun-Free Zones Ammo
 • OpenAI Alleges New York Times 'Hacked' ChatGPT by Exploiting Known Bug Kate Irwin


 • Why is Biden pushing for an immoral hostage deal? JNS (Ed: Because it’s Obama, and he hates Jews?)
 • Washington's $300 billion dilemma: What are the implications of stealing hundreds of billions of dollars from Russia? Dossier
 • Trudeau's Online Harms Act includes life imprisonment for 'hate crime offense,' creates censorship czar PM


 • The Financial World Is Starting To Understand Bitcoin Pomp Letter
 • I Wrote What? Google's AI-Powered Libel Machine Matt Taibbi [$]
 • Klarna Says the Quiet Part Out Loud - Generative AI Can Replace a Lot of Contact Center Staff Synthedia


 • Today’s blacklisted American: “Progressive” leftists in Seattle can’t even take a joke, blackballing four comedians Robert Zimmerman
 • Even Members of the European Press Laugh at MSNBC Diogenes
 • Welcome To Libturd Thursday Morning Woodsterman

1 comment:

Texas Dan said...

The potential seizure of Russian bank assets is perhaps the dumbest idea this administration has ever had. Go ahead, destroy the supposed safety of our currency and then watch inflation really take off.