Friday, February 09, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: The Twilight of Joe Biden

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 • The Twilight of Joe Biden John Podhoretz
 • Biden DOJ: Biden Unfit For Office MRCTV
 • Biden Mixes Up Mexico and Egypt in News Conference After Report Questions His Mental State Tyler O'Neil
 • What does a B-1 bomber crash tell us about CCP monitoring of US military bases? John Mills
 • O’Keefe Exposes the Lucrative Business of Betraying the USA M Dowling
 • Migrant Spike Returns to Arizona Border Sector — 2K per Day Last Week Bob Price
 • Report: Mayorkas Paid Chinese Communists to Come Illegally M Dowling
 • The bloodthirsty, sex-trafficking Venezuelan prison gang NOW in America Daily Mail
 • Democrat Lawyer Admits At Supreme Court Only One Party Can Be Allowed To Rig Elections Eddie Scarry


 • The Social Security clock keeps ticking Brenton Smith
 • Americans Getting Nailed by Through-the-Roof Rents Will Kessler
 • Sen. Rick Scott: Time for President Joe Biden’s Cabinet to ‘Invoke 25th Amendment’ Breitbart

Scandal Central

 • Colorado Lawyer Flails As Clarence Thomas Calmly Destroys His Trump Disqualification Argument Federalist
 • Prosecutors Decline To Charge ‘Elderly’ Biden Over ‘Poor Memory’ Tristan Justice
 • Special Counsel Finds Biden Committed Crimes — but Is Too Mentally Feeble to Prosecute Bradley Jaye


 • What Surprised Tucker Carlson Most About His Putin Interview Rob Bluey
 • Washington Post Blames Grocery Stores For High Prices To Cover For Biden In Election Year Jordan Boyd
 • EU Politicians Threaten to Sanction Tucker Carlson for Interviewing Vladimir Putin Breitbart


 • Biden: Response in Gaza Strip ‘over the top’ JNS
 • Aid to Israel was taken hostage by Ukraine Jonathan S. Tob in
 • Putin: US 'needs to stop supplying weapons' to Ukraine and urge Kyiv to hold peace talks EuroNews


 • Over $3 BILLION flowed from US venture capital firms to China to aid military and spy capabilities Daily Mail
 • Libs reconsider tranny surgery Don Surber
 • Google’s AI now goes by a new name: Gemini Verge


 • Dana White Makes The Case For Budweiser Tucker Carlson
 • Rolex that surfer found on the ocean floor has been fully restored Supercar Blondie
 • Some Memes To Get You Through The Overnight... Feral Irishman

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