Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: "Psychological and Cognitive Warfare on Citizens"

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 • "Psychological and Cognitive Warfare on Citizens" Robert W Malone
 • Comes Thermidor Kunstler
 • Death of a Nation, Birth of Another TL Davis
 • ‘Blood Money’: The Secret Chinese Military Manifesto to Kill the U.S. Breitbart
 • Biden Admin Planted Operative in Fani Willis’ Office to Target Trump-Sources Breitbart
 • Mark Levin: This raises questions about due process Fox
 • Donald Trump Appeals New York Civil Fraud Trial Verdict DC
 • How Trump uses Birdbrain Don Surber
 • Judge Rules No Attorney-Client Privilege for Witness Who Can Blow Fani Willis Scandal Wide Open TPN


 • California’s Impossible War on Oil and Gas Edward Ring
 • There Are No Winners In An Inflation Fight The Pomp Letter
 • The Latest Carmaker to Accept the New EV Reality Surprised Me Stephen Green

Scandal Central

 • Hunter Blows Away His Own Counsel’s Sobriety Defense Turley
 • Jonathan Turley Breaks Down Most ‘Damaging Aspect’ Of Fani Willis’ Contradictory Testimony DC
 • Migrants Handed Spacious Apartments for Free as New Yorkers Left Paying Thousands for Tiny Rooms Breitbart


 • ‘Blood Money’: Leaked U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Documents Reveal How China Is Secretly Arming American Criminals with Machine Guns Breitbart
 • NY Times - Department of Incorrections Nicole Gelinas
 • Classic Takes: Of Course Joe Biden is the President! Emerald


 • Sending Western troops to Ukraine is not 'ruled out' in the future, Macron says EuroNews
 • Israeli officials and Hamas puzzled by Biden’s optimism on ceasefire deal JNS
 • Assassination Attempt On Tucker Carlson Was Thwarted In Moscow, Russia Claims TPN


 • Have modern space engineers forgotten the importance of keeping things simple? Robert Zimmerman
 • Tyler Perry puts $800 million studio expansion on hold because of OpenAI’s Sora Ars Technica
 • The coming April 8, 2024 total eclipse Robert Zimmerman


 • Michelle Obama: September Savior or ‘Suicide Mission’? AmCon
 • Our Beloved FBI GWP
 • Memes and Sundries Feral Irishman

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