Monday, February 12, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: ‘Punish Joe’: Biden’s Handling Of Israel-Hamas War Could Cost Him Michigan

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 • ‘Punish Joe’: Biden’s Handling Of Israel-Hamas War Could Cost Him Michigan DC
 • Liberal Strategy: Not getting jokes Unsafe
 • This Is Why Donald Trump Will Win in November Rick Moran
 • The Border Bill’s Asylum Rule Created an Asylum Corp M Dowling
 • Gaslight Supreme: Mayorkas Says "We Don't Bear Responsibility" For Border Crisis ZH
 • ‘Invasion’: 12,000+ Illegal Aliens from 48 Countries Found in Tucson Sector Alone This Week AG
 • Checking In On The Lawfare Attacks by Obama’s Deep State Allies Against Trump Shipwrecked Crew
 • The Reasons To Impeach Biden Keep Stacking Up Federalist
 • First Post-Hur Report Poll: 86% of Voters Think Biden Is Too Old to Serve Another Term Rick Moran


 • Breaking! Senators Advance $95B to Fund Wars M Dowling
 • The Western Sanctions Against Russia and U.S. Digital Control Currency CTH
 • Why Is Google Selling Adwords For Snuff Films? BattleSwarm

Scandal Central

 • Border Patrol warned Homeland Security of CCP-linked Chinese migrant invasion--and nothing happened Daily Mail
 • Georgia Specialist Finds Thousands of Illegal Votes in 2020, 2021, and 2022 Fred Lucas
 • Joe Biden: Hoarder of Classified Documents, Dementia Patient, President of the United States Eugyppius [$]


 • Did You Notice What’s Missing in Jill Biden’s Statement on the Hur Report? Matt Margolis
 • Let newspapers die Don Surber
 • Sunny Hostin, Race-Obsessed Host of ‘The View,’ Learns She is Descended From Slave Owners LI


 • We’re at War With Iran… And Democrats Keep Funding Them DC
 • Israel Rescues Two Hostages In Rafah LI
 • Special Anniversary Report: The Future of the SMO [Part 1] Simplicius76


 • The Deindustrialization Of Europe In Five Charts Robert Bryce
 • CNN Op-Ed Has a Big Idea – Carbon Passports for the Peasants M Dowling
 • More women than ever are freezing their eggs. Why do so few end up using them? Alyson Krueger


 • Awww Monday Woodsterman Style ~ 440 A Woodsterman
 • Odd creatures from "The Heart of Dixie" Feral Irishman
 • Sunday Strip: Legends of the Fall Robert W Malone


Anonymous said...

"Let newspapers die." Let all false narratives and the perversely determined media business models that support them die.

The future of our world depends upon it. Clueless morons.

commoncents said...

YES! GO ISRAEL!! Israel rescues two hostages from Rafah amid deadly strikes | 7 News Australia (video)