Thursday, June 07, 2007

Best o' 2007... so far

The following posts are among the most-read articles from February through May.

Al Franken to run for the Senate: Transcript
Al Gore's 2nd Annual Carbon-Offset Going-out-of-Business Sale!
Al Gore's Testimony before Congress
Anti-schizophrenia drugs wore off... again
Church and Media: a Thought Experiment
CNN's Amanpour interviews Ahmadinejad
Dems War Spending Bill: Defeat, Pork, and Discord
Dems wage Info War against U.S. forces
Democrats' Stellar Track Record of Accuracy
Department of Genocide
Do not taunt your Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)
Harry Reid's plan for America
Harry Reid through history
Hume vs. Olbermann
Imagining a Triangulator-in-Chief
Iran & U.S.: transcript from secret negotiations
Is Al Gore's Inconvenient Fiction a $250 Billion Scam?
John Edwards proves there is no GWOT
New York Times: a Dreadful Parody
Party of Gullibility backs Euro Corps and Iran
Presidential Idol
Press the Meet: the anti-Meet the Press
The Real Story behind the Clinton Economy
Rosie O'Donnell and the mainstreaming of hateful nonsense
UN's IPCC Global-Warming Bunko Scam
US Taxpayers funding Terrorist News Network
The Washington Post and Geneive Abdo's ode to Sharia
What would Horatio Lord Nelson do?

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