Sunday, October 08, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Dan Bongino destroys the Left on its gun control hypocrisy

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Dan Bongino destroys the Left on its gun control hypocrisy: Jordan Schachtel
ISIS-inspired plot targeted Times Square, NYC subway, feds say: Samuel Chamberlain
Multiple shooters in Vegas: the standard progression in staged attacks: Jon Rappoport

FBI Warns Of More Violence From ‘Black Identity Extremist’ Groups: Amber Randall
Evidence Found, Vegas Shooter Visited The Middle East: RWN
McAuliffe wants new gun restrictions in Virginia after Vegas shooting: Graham Moomaw

ICE: Will Respond to CA Sanctuary State Law with “Collateral Arrests”: S. Noble
Good News: Interior Deportations Under Trump Are Surging: William Teach
Welcome to the dysfunction of Illinois government: Diana Sroka Rickert

Hillary accuses Facebook, Twitter and Google of enabling Russian agents: Casey Tolan
Benghazi Terror Trial Hears Haunting Last Words Of Amb. Chris Stevens: Rusty Weiss
Yes, Govt. Tyranny Can Happen, And Yes, an Armed Citizenry Is Best Deterrent: Tyler Dahnke


Killing Obamacare by making states follow Obamacare: Don Surber
Trump to Sign Order Easing Health Plan Rules, Official Says: WSJ
Kudlow: Trump 'ending the war on business': Julia Manchester

Scandal Central

Obama Reportedly Gave $5 Billion for Deserter Bergdahl and Released "Taliban 5" from Gitmo: GWP
Bergdahl Expected to Plead Guilty to Deserting Fellow Soldiers: Cameron Cawthorne
NY Democratic Party’s Ex-Chair Indicted on Judicial Bribes: Barbara Leonard


Shock poll: NFL now least liked sport, core fans down 31%: Paul Bedard
Home And Car Vandalized Because He Is A Conservative Writer: Jeff Dunetz
Salon Misses The Point On Sales Surges Following Mass Shooting Incidents: Tom Knighton

Many Democrats Remain Silent on Harvey Weinstein Donations: WFB
Bill Maher blasts Dems: ‘Democrats don’t want to help people,’ and ‘it makes people hate us’: TheBlaze
Alan Dershowitz Discusses “Calm Before The Storm”…: Treehouse


Iran warns U.S. against imposing further sanctions: Reuters
Watch San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Literally Turn Her Back on U.S. Constitution: MB
Terror Expert Katz: ISIS Has Much to Lose if They Are Lying About Las Vegas Attack: GWP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This 16-Lens Camera Is a Threat to DSLRs: WSJ
Post-Equifax Breach, It’s Time for a Digital Universal ID: Ben Algaze
YouTube "Tweaks" Its Search Algos After Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories Go Viral: ZH


Stephen Paddock’s Plane Was Owned By Obama Administration Intelligence Contractor: Vel Craft
Why Do American’s Own So Many Guns?: MOTUS
Harvey Weinstein Visited White House 13 Times, Malia Obama Interned With Him: Sonja Bochow

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