Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Police: Shooter "may have been radicalised"; Marilou Danley returns to U.S.

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Police: Shooter "may have been radicalised"; Marilou Danley returns to U.S.: Guardian
Gun control in Europe is almost total. It hasn't stopped mass shooting attacks: John R. Lott
More Details Surface In Vegas Massacre: Had Cameras Set Up, 23 Guns: Treehouse

ISIS provides proof of Vegas claim, “careful monitoring of the crusader gathering”: Geller
Why did cops take so long to stop Las Vegas shooter?: DailyMail
UTT Assesses Las Vegas Attack As A Jihadi Operation: UTT

Las Vegas Massacre Brings Out the Worst in the Woman Who Won’t Go Away: MB
Las Vegas hospitals are overwhelmed after deadly massacre: DailyMail
Teen survivor reveals hero stranger threw her over shoulder to save her: DailyMail

Police say Las Vegas gunman planned ‘extensively,’ used cameras to monitor police: WaPo
Talking Productively About Guns: Ken White (2015)
Marine Veteran Heard Shots, Stole Pickup, and Started Saving Lives: Beast


Where Have You Gone, Mrs. B?: Ben Stein
Donors of Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Group Revealed: Joe Schoffstall
USC Prof Pulls Active Shooter Hoax: Dave Blount


Rural America Dying A Slow And Miserable Death But Only The Locals Seem To Notice: WNO
In 47 of 50 Cities, Obamacare Coverage Will Be ‘Unaffordable’ in 2018 By Law’s Own Definition: Ali Meyer
How the Current Tax Code Disfavors American Workers: Scott Asbjornson

Scandal Central

Sessions should resign, but not before taking action against Clinton, Comey and Rice: Gregg Jarrett
FBI Interview With Hillary Clinton Was “Friendly” – They Talked About Pregnancy and Babies: GWP
Mueller’s Team Is Reportedly Researching Trump’s Pardon Power: Chuck Ross

No Trump 'victory lap' as Congress probes Obama-era 'unmasking': Sarah Westwood
IRS awards fraud-prevention contract to Equifax: report: MarketWatch
Puerto Rico’s Untold Tale of Corruption: Jeff Mazzella


The Plight of the Edgytarian: The Z Man
Gowdy: 'Difficult to Believe That a Single Person Could Have Done This Without Detection': Breitbart
Woman From Las Vegas Asks Mike Rowe To Give A 'Comforting Word,' And He Delivers: Chicks On The Right

This video analyzes the available raw footage of the Mass Shooting in Las Vegas: Feral Irishman
Savage interviews the neighbor of the shooter: Michael Savage
Kaya Jones on Vegas Shooting: Everyone in Locked Down Room 'Wished We'd Had a Gun': Adell Nazarian


Cotton: Trump Should Not Recertify Iran Nuclear Deal Even if Tehran is in Compliance: Natalie Johnson
Judge Rules – Iran Required To Pay $63 Million To U.S. Marine They Imprisoned There: RWN
How To Stop ISIS From Getting Their Hands on American-Made Guns: Sam Bocetta

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tattoos can cause infections 15 years later, warn doctors: Telegraph
Sole Equifax security worker at fault for failed patch, says former CEO: Simon Sharwood
More Prisons Banning In-Person Visits, Adding To Securus Tech's Pile Of Cash: Tim Cushing


Jimmy Kimmel Versus Our Constitutional Rights: Dave Blount
Stephen Paddock: The Most Plausible Theory of His Motivation: Jack Kerwick
Death Spiral For NFL- ‘Monday Night Football’ Ratings Crash!: RWN

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QOTD: "Within hours of the horrible attack in Las Vegas, before we knew most of the relevant facts about the tragedy, gun control advocates were calling for more gun control. Here is something I would like those advocates to consider: Europe, which has all the gun controls that are being pushed in the aftermath of the Las Vegas carnage, has actually suffered more bloodshed from these types of attacks than the U.S.

You heard that right: Countries such as France may have made all semi-automatic guns illegal, but that hasn’t stopped killers from getting fully automatic machine guns to use in mass shooting attacks. All four of the 2015 mass public shooting in France involved machine guns, including the 130 people killed in November of that year in multiple attacks including one at a concert venue...

...Again, many of the facts about what happened in Las Vegas remain unknown at the moment, including exactly what type of firearm the gunman used. But one sad fact that everyone calling for gun control needs to consider is that, as Europe has shown, you can have all the gun control laws you want and you still won’t be able to stop horrors like this from happening." --John R. Lott

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Joseph Kidd said...

Re: QOTD -- As for these "gun control advocates" who John Lott is attempting to engage, we can automatically rule out asking Barack Obama for consideration on this issue, and Mr. Lott would likely agree. After all, it was (senator) Obama who told Mister Lott TO HIS FACE that, "People shouldn't be able to own guns." Alas, this was similar to so many other newsworthy revelations concerning Obama we either never learned or heard about until AFTER he was an unvetted "Preezy of the Steezy" he divided. Here's another 2A-related item, ICYMI: