Sunday, October 15, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Why Did the Weinstein Scandal Happen Now?

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Why Did the Weinstein Scandal Happen Now?: Roger L. Simon
President Trump Weekly Address – Honoring Our Flag: Treehouse
Sheriff Clarke Gives It To Them Straight On Anthem Protests: RWN

Trump Faithfully Executes Obamacare; Media, Democrats Go Nuts : Andrew C. McCarthy
Hillary Protests Too Much: Daniel John Sobieski
After Las Vegas Massacre, Victims Search For Their Heroes Of The Night: KNPR

House Democrats Introduce Bill To Ban Online Ammo Sales, Magazines: Tom Knighton
NRA spokeswoman: Dems want to ban 'every single part of a rifle': The Hill
House Dems propose bills to stop online ammo sales, ban mags: Chris Eger

Weinstein Paid for Bill Clinton’s Legal Fees During His Sex Abuse Scandal: Rachel Blevins
Clinton Aides Gang Up on Boyfriend of Harvey Weinstein Accuser: Andrew Kugle
Laura Ingraham invokes Clinton, Weiner and Spitzer in Weinstein Joke: Caitlin Yilek


These Obama appointees could cause another housing collapse: Paul Sperry
Unlikely that today’s refugees will be like yesterday’s self-reliant immigrants: Ann Corcoran

Scandal Central

Las Vegas: A Third Timeline Emerges: Pamela Geller
Report: FBI Wipes Phones and Laptops of Las Vegas Massacre Eyewitnesses: Paul Joseph Watson
ICE’s Civil Forfeiture Guidelines Leaked, And They’re Not Good: Anders Hagstrom


Washington Post actually tries to defend Harvey Weinstein: Pacific
SNL Goes Misogynistic In Portrayal Of Kellyanne Conway As Pennywise: William Teach
How Far Will CNN Go To Push Its #FakeNews Russia Narrative? Try This: Joe Newby

Journo grills Clinton for ‘blaming others more than yourself’; her response speaks volumes: Chris Enloe
Sorry, but Mayim Bialik Has a Point About Weinstein and Harassment: Kim Quade
How intellectually vacuous are Leftists?: Daley Gator


Muslim terrorists kill 189, wound 200 in Mogadishu car bombings: Creeping
"Our Lives Have Turned into Hell": Muslim Persecution of Christians: Raymond Ibrahim
Trump’s great call on UNESCO: Paul Mirengoff

What is Really Uniting the Palestinians?: Bassam Tawil
Intersectionality’s Demonization of Jews: Joshua Sharf
Neo-Nazis stage hateful torch-lit march – MSM says nothing: Adam Garrie

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Ion Thruster Prototype Breaks Records in Tests, Could Send Humans to Mars: Tereza Pultarova
When the Larsen C ice shelf broke, it exposed a hidden world: Carolyn Gramling
Here’s Everything Elon Musk Unveiled About Tesla and SpaceX in Saturday’s AMA: Futurism


These Witnesses From The Las Vegas Massacre Say There Were Multiple Shooters: BET
Worse Than Weinstein, Literally: MOTUS
Massive convoy of ‘unmarked big rigs’ escorted by police, driver ‘looked Russian: Intellihub

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