Monday, October 30, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Implausible Deniability

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Implausible Deniability: Clarice Feldman
Mueller Probing Podesta Group Lobbying for Russians at Clinton State Dept.: PPD
Wasserman Schultz Knew Nohting about Fake Hit Piece on Trump? Hmmm.: Nancy Smith

GOP Would Rather Lose than Fight: Brian C. Joondeph
What VA and NJ reveal about 2018 elections: Al Weaver and David M. Drucker
Holy Collusion!: Andrew Benjamin

Teflon Don confounds Democrats: Edward-Isaac Dovere
It begins: A few honest Dems speak out on Hillary’s Fusion-GPS denials: Thomas Lifson
Trump Heralds GOP "Unity" As WSJ Warns Dems "Dossier Dam Is Breaking": ZH

A Warning To Alabama GOP, Breitbart, Bannon, Gorka, and Crew: Treehouse
Hill GOP wants answers from Wasserman Schultz, Podesta about Trump dossier: Fox
Obama Campaign Paid $1MM To Firm That Secretly Paid Fusion GPS In 2016: Sean Davis


The Fragmentation of Society: John Mauldin
Bull In a China Shop: Burning Platform
CEA: Business Side of Trump Tax Plan Could Push GDP by 5% in Next Decade: Ali Meyer

Scandal Central

Trump wants State Department to expedite release of Clinton emails: Report: Exam
Gowdy slams Mueller team over leaks about charges in Trump-Russia probe: Fox
Florida Senate’s top Democrat resigns after admitting affair with lobbyist: Mary Ellen Klas


Disgusting Behavior: ABC Panel Shouts Down Truth of Dossier Collusion: NewsBusters
CNN’s Sketchy Dossier “Reporting”…: Treehouse
Kevin Spacey’s response to allegation from actor Anthony Rapp raises eyebrows: Twitchy

John Boehner Blasts ‘Right-Wing Idiot’ Sean Hannity: Caleb Ecarma
NY Times: The Economy Can’t Grow Without Free Birth Control For Women Or Something: William Teach
#NeverTrump: Double-Secret Head Fake?: Smitty


The Global Failure of Globalization: Daniel Greenfield
Economist: Mass Immigration Here Is World's 'Largest Anti-Poverty Program' at Expense of Americans: Breitbart
Majorities in Europe, North America worried about Islamic extremism: Jacob Poushter

Quiet Day at White House Leaves Pence a Nuclear Stage: John T. Bennett
‘Europe already within N. Korean missile range, NATO members in danger’ – Stoltenberg: RT
Secretive US agency who monitor Kim Jong-un reveal how North Korea can blitz California: Express

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A Day Without an Overdose? 'It's Been Years' Says W. Va. Fire Chief: NBC
NotPetya ransomware cost Merck more than $310 million: Patrick Howell O'Neill
Neural network creates photo-realistic images of fake celebs: Engadget


Camille Paglia: Public Schools Creating Students Who ‘Know Nothing’: C&S
It’s Metastasized: Sondrakistan
Two if by CNN: Sondrakistan

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