Friday, October 13, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: America Divided: It Starts With the Democratic Party

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America Divided: It Starts With the Democratic Party: David Azerrad
The Left Already Hinting Our Culture Wars Will End In Another Civil War: Federalist
President Trump Interviewed by Sean Hannity in Pennsylvania: Treehouse

Progressivism and the Seven Deadly Sins: Joseph Somsel
Harvey Weinstein journalism tip: TM Lucas
Levin slams Hollywood’s ‘Silence of the Libs’ on sexual crimes: Jordan Schachtel

Sen. McConnell Vows To Accelerate Confirmation Of Judicial Nominees: OAN
Top RINO Susan Collins to leave the Senate?: Chris Pandolfo
DNC chief attracts criticism from Dem insiders: Amie Parnes

Shock: McMaster Calls 9/11 'Mass Murder Attack'; No Mention of Islamic Terror: Breitbart
Banning “Rate Increasing Devices”: Herschel Smith
Study: Legal Cannabis Linked to 66% Rise in Traffic Deaths in Colorado: RWN

Where Are Republicans on House IT Scandal?: Peter Flaherty
Conservative Blogger's Car Torched in Chicago: Debra Heine
On Artists And Their Handlers: Camp of the Saints


Rand Paul: "Biggest Free Market Reform of Healthcare in a Generation": Ted Hamlin
Trump's $33 Billion Tax Cut You Didn't Know You Just Got: IBD
Choose Your Destiny!: Brutalist

Scandal Central

Las Vegas shooting: An in-depth analysis: Shepard Ambellas
FBI Agents Working Evidence of Second Vegas Shooter Directed by DC Bosses To Stand Down: TruePundit
House extends vacation after White House asks Congress to cancel vacation: Exam

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Shocking aerial images capture the devastation wrought by California wildfires: DailyMail
They survived six hours in a pool as a wildfire burned their neighborhood to the ground: LAT
Shinmoedake volcano erupts in Japan: DailyMail


9 fulfillments of Paul Harvey’s ‘If I were the devil’: WND
Harvey Weinstein's Contract Allowed for Sexual Harassment: TMZ
Piers Morgan: Hollywood’s hypocritical horror over Harvey: DailyMail

NF HELL: The NFL Becomes One of the 'Most Divisive Brands’ in America: Hannity
The Media Doesn’t Realize It, But the ‘Penn State Scandal’ Narrative Is Blowing Up: John Ziegler
Clinton’s Weinstein Response, “Took Her A While” For A “Very Short Statement”: CNN

NFL Players Threaten to Quit if League Makes Them Stand for Anthem: Tribunist
Twitter Protects Weinstein, Suspends Victim Rose McGowan: Daniel John Sobieski
Kellyanne Conway: Clinton A "Hypocrite About Women's Empowerment": Ian Schwartz


Trump Dumps the UN Erasure, Slander, and Cover-up Organization: A.J. Caschetta
FBI Reviews Allegations Of Puerto Rican Officials Withholding Hurricane Relief: Kerry Picket
Puerto Rican Politics Is Killing Recovery Efforts, FEMA Head Says: True Pundit

British IS recruiter Sally Jones killed in US drone strike: Report: MEE
President Trump Scheduled To Announce U.S. Strategy Toward Iran Today: Treehouse
NYT Op-ed: hand wringing about future of Democrat Party; Somalis mentioned: Ann Corcoran

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

NASA Expert: Close Call with Asteroid "Fire Drill" for Future Impact: Paige Leskin
Designer of iPhone Worries That His Grandkids Will Think He ‘Destroyed Society’: Drake Baer
Censorship of Conservatives Out of Control at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube: Paul Chesser


Las Vegas Shooting 'Oddities': CLG News
Donald Trump: Is He Ever Wrong?: MOTUS
Second-in-command at LVMPD: ‘Different types of weapons were being fired at different rates’: Shepard Ambellas

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